07 June 2018


24 Sivan 5778


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  1. We can all imagine how it would have been if the Jews had all moved to Israel after world war 2...
    It was already clear that America would ruin them worse than any other place and even in israel and out, we have many multitude of horde who work against us, who come into the world of Torah, turn Jew against jew, pretend to be scholars and rabbis and brainwash the yourh with lies and filth...
    It does not sicken me that they are doing this, it sickens me that the Jews today do not know the difference between real jew and horde (erev Rav) and gladly accept everything even the most immoral of People!!!
    We have become so stupid, so weak, so hard, rough, tough, cold, that we had forgotten our lessons, our mission, and our goals and when .This happens, we come to accept other things like the dirt parade, we turn against other Jews because of jealousy and unfounded hatred (sinat mufrehet Google translate) and we even accept the horde as our brothers and sisters despite that they are against us and we are finished!! !
    This is why he takes the sweet erlicha youth away from us so we can not spoil them and we all have broken hearts but as long as the golden calf world goes on, we will never snap out of it and everything will be destroyed so the end literally has to be now
    Every major country is ruined, every major city is ruined, and the evil people are working to turn every other place big and small like this and now they are working fast and hard and there are very few places left where we can escape from it like svalbard, antarctica, underground world, but if this keeps up, even those places will be totally ruined