27 June 2018

"The Fast of 17 Tamuz: Fasten Your Seatbelts"

15 Tamuz 5778

Or "Secrets of the Coming of the Messiah in Parashat Balak." You won't want to miss this!!


  1. Kavod HaRav Richter and Tomer Devorah, 1. It is my PERSONAL belief (and I stress this is no more than a "belief") that Mashiach is HERE and walking the streets of Jerusalem, waiting, watching, as we speak. 2. What will CHANGE when we KNOW this. The DEEP SENSE OF SECURITY that comes from knowing this. That GOD did NOT forget us, DID send His Promised Redeemer. 3. WHAT changes then? First of all, each of us, with that BLESSED sense of security, may begin confidently to build and plant our little homes and gardens and vineyards safe in the knowledge that they will not be blown away by tsunamis, catastrophes and disasters. Baby steps, baby steps, day by blessed day. 4. Little by little Mashiach will LAY DOWN THE LAW for Goyim regarding WHO IS BOSS on Planet Earth: HaKadosh Baruch Hu. Mashiach will NOT need to rant and rave and scream like some demented psychopath of Hollywood or DC, or World War Two Berlin Lunatic (The Fuehrer). Mashiach will simply STATE what the New Sheriff in town says the rules are, states in the Name of the Lord his God. Should the Goyim (be foolish enought to ) DISOBEY they will QUICKLY learn that this is not ... "cost effective". We will have the DEEP SATISFACTION of watching the world's Bullies, Cowards and Tyrants getting the SCHMIDT smacked out of them. I for one am ... LOOKING FORWARD. Leila Tov, Aryeh Yosef Ben Meir

    1. Yes moshiach is alive and in the city and it is possible to find him if you narrow all of the less worthy people...
      And also, the good people of the world will not suffer, only the 'reshaim' "evil people" and comedic antisemities like those sick neo-nazis who hate jews in general not only zionism and all of amalek and all of the multitude of horde who have made us the worst problems since we left Egypt up until this day and how many jews suffered from them, died from them, families and communities split because of these sons of dogs, yes there are bad accounts with many jews as well and it had to be shown so we can correct and renounce them just like before the shoah and even if millions died horrifically with hear o israel, jews never die forever but thay come back reincarnated just like we all did throughout this exile but may now be the last rectification and we keep our knowledge to grow and fulfill our destiny along with every Jew and goy that will remain after moshiach

  2. The rise of moshiach ben yosef will terrify the entire world. We saw a small glimpse of what it will look like with rav kahane zt'l. The erev rav, arab world and the olam esav were terrified of his rise.

    They will yell that moshiach ben yosef is a crazy mullah and try to stop him. When moshiach ben yosef starts to rise the ENTIRE WORLD will be terrified especially when he defeats esav's armies. And thats only in preperation for the ultimate redeemer moshiach ben david. May we merit this soon.