03 June 2018

A Clear Sign the Time Is Growing Very Short

20 Sivan 5778

We know from our sources that converts were not accepted during the reigns of King David and King Solomon. The reason given is that when times are good for Am Yisrael it is impossible to ascertain a potential convert's true motives for expressing a desire to convert. The same holds (or did historically) for those suspected of wanting to convert for the sake of marriage, so anyone already romantically involved with a Jew would also not be taken under consideration for conversion.

How much more so as we approach the age of redemption when our sages tell us, once again, the option for conversion will end. But, there are those who misunderstand the signs of the times, as well as those with malicious motives, and reckon (wrongly) that the doors are now swinging wide to accept all the goyim as some type of "quasi-Jews." Anyone who "feels" he is a Jew or who "feels" a kinship with the Jewish people (or the State of Israel) must be allowed to identify as such!
Conservative movement outraged by reports that Israel is blocking Ugandan Jews
The head of the Conservative movement’s rabbinical organization sharply criticized Israel for reportedly deciding not to recognize Uganda’s Jewish community, whose members converted under Conservative auspices.
Rabbi Julie Schonfeld, who leads the Rabbinical Assembly, said the Conservative movement was “shocked and extremely outraged” at the decision, which she called “unlawful.”
This is the clearest sign yet that we are at the very end and in reality the door is swinging closed... forever.


Yakov Butterfield said...

As for Converts, Remember the story of Samson and Delilah (Sotah 9b). Delilah was a Philistine who converted for marriage to Samson. Even though she was considered "Righteous at the time", well you know the story. The pressure from the "In-laws and Elders". That is why Converts are questioned and tested and examined so much or should be even after the Mikvah. That is why you are supposed to wait a year before getting any Conversion paperwork from the Conversion Beit Din.

Devash said...

"...even after the Mikvah. "

"That is why you are supposed to wait a year before getting any Conversion paperwork from the Conversion Beit Din."

What is your source for these two statements? I've never heard of either one before.

Anonymous said...

Amen to the doors being slammed shut. As much as it's hard to be shocked anymore by all the chilulei H'; I still get outraged when I learn (thanks so much for all the info) of this latest outrage-'ugandan' jews. The Rabbinate must keep strong and continue their denying any of these so-called converts. We need to save the remnants of Israel and cannot allow more of these going-ons. Please H'!

Yakov Butterfield said...

That is what happen to me. I did not get any paperwork until I met someone a year after I converted and was ready to get married. I personally know of cases where people were checked after the Mikvah for months.

Moriah said...

The Never Ending Saga of Unrecognized American Conversions: