04 May 2018


19 Iyyar 5778
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Behar
34 Days of the Omer

That's what the Light of Redemption does.  Ultimately, it will reveal absolutely everything!

From this morning's Hebrew news...

Trump Outline Revealed: Israel will give up four neighborhoods in East Jerusalem
Yanir Kozin / 04/05/2018 02:00

Ma'ariv learned that parts of the peace plan were presented to Lieberman. Israel will be required to transfer Shu'afat, Jabal Mukaber, Issawiya and Abu Dis to the PA, making East Jerusalem the capital of Palestine.

In recent months, Israel has been waiting anxiously for the moment when US President Donald Trump will present his peace plan to the Middle East, and so far has been revealed to the public as well as to senior Israeli officials. In Washington last week, he was presented with some of the principles of Trump's plan, which includes, among other things, extensive and significant concessions by Israel. In addition, the new outline was presented to senior figures in the Israeli leadership. It was also reported that the US expects Israel to accept the layout and come to terms with the painful concessions for her.

During the talks, American officials presented a plan whereby Israel should be asked first phase disconnect from four neighborhoods in East Jerusalem - the Shuafat , Jabel Mukaber, Issawiya and Abu Dis. According to the outline, The neighborhoods will be transferred to the sovereignty of the Palestinian Authority, and in effect will be cut off from the capital of Israel.

Lieberman also met with senior US defense officials: Defense Secretary James Matisse, US Army Chief of Staff Joseph Danfour and National Security Council Chairman John Bolton. Other meetings and talks were held with Trump's special envoy to the Middle East, Jason Greenblatt, and with Jared Kushner, the president's son-in-law and adviser.

[Ma'ariv] also learned that Israel was promised unreserved support from the White House regarding efforts against Iran's nuclear program. Among other things, the US will provide Israel with widespread backing in international forums if you decide to take action against Iran directly, and as a result, may face international condemnation. In addition, the government will give Israel a significant military support in case of war, both by providing advanced weaponry.

Office of Lieberman said yesterday "We do not refer to the content of his meetings."

In February, a French diplomat in the London-based Ash Sharq al-Awsat newspaper reported that the Trump plan would include the establishment of a demilitarized Palestinian state on 40 percent of Judea and Samaria with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Presumably, the transfer of the neighborhoods to Palestinian control is the first step on the road to transforming East Jerusalem into their capital. According to the report, the plan does not include the Old City - and it will be recognized as an international area. It should be noted that in recent months the Palestinian leadership has boycotted the American administration's representatives for negotiations with Israel, and does not meet with them during their visits to the region.

Do you believe me now?!!

This huge event coming up to celebrate the sham of the move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem, the dangled promise of backing against Iran and no doubt the hints about Trump releasing Pollard to come to Israel this past week are meant to further sweeten the "deal." This is the "carrot." Beware the "stick."

When Clinton was about to release Jonathan Pollard to Netanyahu in 1998 as part of the Wye River Agreement, giving most of Hebron to the PA, Dennis Ross famously said "you don't have too many cards like this to play, so best to hold him for final status talks." 

So, having paid his debt to the US for breaking their law with eleven years of his life already, for the past remaining twenty years, Jonathan Pollard has been held as a hostage in order to blackmail the Israeli government into ever more "concessions" to the murderous Arabs!!

Pollard is all wrapped up in the geulah process. HKB"H has preserved his life and his sanity throughout this horrible and tragic ordeal and He will continue to do so until HE will decide when it is time for him to come home to Israel - perhaps when enough Jews will plead for it!

Jonathan Pollard has paid any "debt" he owed to the US many times over. If Trump really does follow through, he won't be doing Israel any favors. Pollard's release from parole to make aliyah to Israel is a matter of justice! Israel will not owe anyone any "concessions" in return!


Devash said...

Another important point: "Among other things, the US will provide Israel with widespread backing in international forums if you decide to take action against Iran directly, and as a result, may face international condemnation. In addition, the government will give Israel a significant military support in case of war, both by providing advanced weaponry. "

I'm beginning to think the deal Obama made with Iran was designed to goad Israel into taking on Iran by itself. It didn't work so now they are trying a new tactic - give us permission and promise their support.

What do they have to gain from it? According to their way of thinking, Israel would do the dirty work of eliminating Xianity's greatest enemy - militant Islam and if Israel takes a mortal blow in the process all the better - Jews and Muslims die together and the US and EU (and SA) don't even have to raise a sweat.

yaak said...

It's being called Fake News.

Anonymous said...

H' bless you for bringing out the truth, right to the point because we do not get to read this anywhere else. The good part is that the nevuah is materializing right in front of our eyes, for those who want to see. We just pray that it will not be at the cost of any Yehudi lives. May Moshiach Tzdkeinu come immediately, but with great 'rachamim'.

Opus #6 said...

Because giving land for peace worked out so well in Gaza (sarcasm). Not one inch. Give away not one inch of precious Jewish land. It is a matter of picuach nefesh, for the preservation of life. Where the enemies of Israel gain a foothold, they rain bombs and terror. Not one inch. Certainly do not cut out half of the heart of Jerusalem. No way.

Devash said...

It's trial balloon. You'll see.

Lowell Joseph Gallin said...

IF this Plan involves a Referendum among Resident Arabs ACTUALLY LIVING in these neighborhoods HOW do you think they will vote? They THEMSELVES will REVOLT against such a Plan having SEEN twenty five years of the Oslo Death Process of which THEY were the PRIMARY victims of the murder, theft and rape practiced by the PLO leaders and Crew brought in from Tunis to OPPRESS the Resident Arab Tribes, Clans and Families who enjoyed the "blessings" of their DOMINION and are the FIRST to want to SEND THEM BACK TO TUNIS!

Anonymous said...


Why i keep thinking about Nachman Chatufa when reading this?

Devash said...

JPost is also reporting it today. They don't think it is fake news and I don't either.


Israel will have to make concessions to the Palestinians after the US relocates its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman told Channel 2 Saturday night.

“There is no free lunch,” he said.

Liberman was speaking in advance of the May 14 ceremony to mark the embassy’s opening. There is some speculation that US President Donald Trump will unveil a peace plan to resolve the Israeli Palestinian conflict soon after the opening.

Former Israeli ambassador to the US MK Michael Oren (Kulanu) told the Foreign Press Association on Monday that Trump was putting the “final touches” on the plan.

Liberman said there is “a price for the national ambition and the realization of a vision. There will be a price for the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem and it is worth paying it.”

The embassy relocation “is important, historic and dramatic,” Liberman said.

He added, of course, that he hoped the US would not exact any concession.

Liberman also warned that there will likely be protests against the embassy relocation.

US officials reportedly presented a portion of Trump’s peace plan to Liberman when he was in Washington at the end of April. They told him that Israel would be asked to withdraw from four Arab neighborhoods in east Jerusalem – Jebl Mukaber, Isawiya, Shuafat and Abu Dis – which would likely become the capital of a future Palestinian state.

US officials speaking to The Jerusalem Post categorically denied the report.

Maariv contributed to this report.

Liberman is also speaking like it's real news.

They're only denying it now because it wasn't supposed to get out yet. They aren't finished softening us up yet for the big announcement. We have to be made to feel obligated and grateful. What they don't understand is a lot of good Jews will never ever stand for this and neither will HKB"H.

Eisav has always underestimated us!

Devash said...

The new US Embassy will be inaugurated in Jerusalem next week, but construction works by American, Israeli firms will continue over next 6 years; move will initially be largely symbolic, as at first only ambassador will move to capital building. Ynet article

Just as I said - a sham!

Devash said...

Another quote from that same article...

The construction of the wall is not a declaratory move, as until work on it is completed the mission will be an embassy in name alone. Moreover, even following the festive inauguration ceremony, the US ambassador will only be able to make limited use of the complex—using it for meeting and daily activities, but not to reside there permanently.

Devash said...

The whole process is supposed to take nine years. Personally, I'm very happy about it. I never wanted the US Embassy in Jerusalem and even less when it's clear it's merely a ploy to gain trust from Jews and make us more willing to give "painful concessions" so Trump can go down in history for making the deal no one else could!

Devash said...

Speaking of this Embassy "gala," the Israeli public is not invited, the MKs are not invited, but the biggest missionaries in Israel have been posting their formal invitation and bragging about going. They post welcomes to the American delegation as if the city belongs to them and of course they believe it does!

Meanwhile, I don't know how many are aware of the suffering of Jewish Jerusalemites as every Friday for the past month, their Shabbat preparations and daily routines have been disrupted by international races brought in by the Hellenist Mayor Barkat and when that ends this week, it'll be this embassy bruhaha and the accompanying March of the Nations, God forbid. More about that, iy"H in a coming blogpost. Along with driving up the price of housing beyond most Israelis' reach, this constant disruption of life is making it harder and harder to keep Jerusalem from becoming nothing more than a playground and living museum for the tourists and less and less a city for Jews to live in.

Devash said...

More about the bike race...

Haredi lawmakers remain mum on Giro d'Italia's Shabbat leg

Anonymous said...

In regard to that stupid race, I think that the chareidim are really afraid because they know they can't do much, as with everything else they fight for. They see all the desecrations going on, such as missionaries, desecration of the Shabbat as never before in Yerusahalayim, the draft into the army problems, etc., etc. We have only one hope and that is H' send us Moshiach ASAP.
Do believe also that the goyim think they now own the Ir Hakodesh, r'l. Alliance between Esav/Erev Rav.