30 April 2018

Seriously Speaking...

15 Iyyar 5778
30 Days of the Omer

All the news sites are reporting that the Prime Minister will address the nation at 8 pm  this evening on the subject of Iran, and that at least a portion of his speech will be in English for the benefit of the "international community." Sounds serious.


  1. This can not just be one of those Zionist rants like oversized spoiled brats. , iran is no joker and has huge army and bases in syria so something must be going on

  2. Shalom Devash,
    Thanks for posting the link to i24 news. I watched Bibi's speech. Amazing! He proved beyond shadow of doubt what the world already knew, ....and didn't care as long as Iranian missiles didn't have the range to threaten London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Brussels, or Washington D.C. As long as Tehran's missiles were only aimed at Tel Aviv, it provided D.C. and the world all the political leverage needed to paint Israel into a corner. It will be interesting to see international reaction to the truth now that the cat is officially out of the bag regarding Iran. Interesting times indeed! :Stingray:

    1. You are exxagerating what he said., he never said that he wanted the weapon to hit tel aviv but rather explain their nuclear capabilities but personally, me saw this as nothing more than his boring rants like oversized child and the story is called the netanyahu who cried iran...
      This certainly will humiliate him like the last time he described irans drive for the nuklear bomb and they (the zionists) want the world to protect them and fund them more...
      But true believing Jews only believe in g-d and he is the only one who makes miracles not the nations and certainly not the Zionists

  3. He's springing this on us now? He only just received this intel?

    Could this be just "wagging the dog?" to distract from other issues "they" want us to ignore or gloss over?