17 April 2018

Safe In The Hands of the ONE Above

3 Iyyar 5778
18 Days of the Omer
Yom Hazikaron commemorated

Our dependence and reliance on HKB"H is not something to be cryptically hinted at or poetically alluded to any more than it should be ignored altogether. It should be announced loudly, clearly and unequivocally, leaving no one in doubt as to what is being said. Like this...

From the Introduction to the "The Ingathering and Independence Scroll" by Dr. Hagi Ben-Artzi:
...There is no question that the Jewish people revealed their power and courage in this wondrous process, and that is how all the history books tell the story. "The Ingathering and Independence Scroll" exposes another factor, without which the entire development of Zionism would have ended in abject failure - the God of Israel, who is guiding the Redemption of Israel so He can fulfill His promise and covenant.
Indeed, the miraculous aspect of Israel's revival is even more astounding in that it all appears in the visions of Israel's Prophets and Sages. Everything promised in the Tanach is coming true in our days - step by step, stage by stage, precisely according to the Divine plan.
The Zionist story is not complete without the integration of the Divine and the human. Divine supervision with huge self-sacrifice and dedication....
Had the Prime Minister simply consulted his brother-in-law before speaking, he would not have made such a serious error in his remarks to Keren Hayesod.

From the Foreword by Rabbi Doron Perez to "The Ingathering and Independence Scroll":
"In your blood you shall live." (Yechezkel 16.6)
Just like the newborn is covered in blood when granted the gift of life, so too at the time of our national birth - both the original birth when we came out of Egypt and our rebirth in modern Israel - were great gifts of life accompanied by blood.
...The War of Independence, fought over 15 months in two stages, would be the most costly and bloodiest war in Israel's history. it would exact the dreadful price of 6,373 dead and 15,000 wounded, soldier and civilian alike. Approximately 1% of Israel's population was killed during the war, a shocking statistic by any standard. In today's terms, that would be the equivalent of - God forbid - 85,000 deaths in Israel or 3.5 million in the USA.
Yet, God had told us: "In your blood you shall live; in your blood you shall live."
As we face the ever-present prospect of yet another war, we Jews who live in the Holy Land of Israel remember those who preceded us and paid the ultimate price for our right to live as Jews in the land God gave to our forefathers and to us. We will keep faith with them (and with HKB"H) by continuing the struggle and occupying this land forevermore.

Whether we remain in this world or go on to the next one, we are safe in the hands of the ONE above. It is He and He alone who enables all our efforts. Blessed be He and blessed be His Name. Shalom al Yisrael!


  1. Amen! Beautifully written! May H' protect every Yiddishe neshama in our holy Eretz Yisrael and throughout the globe and for all Jews to come back home to our beautifuly Eretz Yisrael!

  2. Yes. I a few Moments the Zionist 70 year period of the State of Israel is OVER. As is the Zionist Era (120 years, 1897-2017) I think that in the coming 70 year Prophetic Period of People of Israel in the Land of Israel ASPIRING to LIVE according to the Torah of Israel we will see RAPID changes in Israeli and Global Consciousness. Aryeh Yosef Ben Meir