30 April 2018

Redemption Is A Process

15 Iyyar 5778
30 Days of the Omer

"Our Rav told us that praying for Jonathan Pollard's redemption and praying for the redemption of Klal Yisrael are really one and the same."  - Esther Pollard

Did we finally get the headline this morning that Jonathan Pollard has finally been freed to come home to Israel? Not quite... 
Officials: Trump 'seriously considering' letting Pollard move to Israel

Of course, it can't happen in one fell swoop. As with everything connected to the full and final redemption, this too is a process - step by step. But, we're closer now than we've ever been.

Pray! ...Pray hard!!


  1. Amazing how pollard case is similar to the coming redemption now, but trump is only doing this to get israels respect so he can have his place in the holy city as the pig he is...
    In other news, israel just attacked another Iranian base in syria killing dozens of Iranian government soldiers this coming after iran has sent 80000 troops into syria and part of iran coming in is to help syria and target israel and israel is attacking Iranian bases not syria, israel knows iran is building something big
    Good for another post