11 April 2018

Never Say "Never Again"

27 Nisan 5778
Twelve Days of the Omer

It's Yom HaShoah. Some people say "Never again!" Some people ask sincerely if it could possibly happen again. In answer I have to say, "It already is happening again." This time it's global. The kindling has been piled up and the match is at the ready.

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"For a kinder, gentler final solution." 

Current Jewish Spiritualities in Israel: A New Age
Recently, new spiritualities have been emerging in Israel, which combine Judaism and New Age spirituality.

...New Age spiritualities have become widespread recently, and they have gained legitimacy in Israeli society and worldwide. The New Age can arguably be defined as a Western, global, liberal spirituality that strives to offer an alternative to mainstream culture in all areas of life.
And the above was written already in 2012! In the New World religion, spirituality is good, but religion is bad. More and more you can hear this word "spirituality" being used in place of religion by supposedly "Orthodox" Jews - especially those involved with interfaith activities.

The Torah is the pill that chokes the wicked of the world.