15 April 2018


30 Nisan 5778
Rosh Chodesh Aleph
15 Days of the Omer

Last night...

20 Dead After Israeli Warplanes Reportedly Attack Iranian Military Base In Syria

Assad can breathe easily
Analysis: Fearing a Russian response, Trump, May and Macron circumscribed their strike to chemical weapons research and production facilities. This was overly cautious, as so long as the very survivability of Assad's regime is not at stake, he will not be deterred from further use of such weapons. Israel, meanwhile, has realized it can count only on itself.
That's a good first step in understanding that we can rely only on HKB"H! 

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1 comment:

  1. What has America gained from attacking syria and why did they really get involved in the war? What did they accomplish? There is details that are left out
    We are already in world war 3 but are we now coming into gog and magog (America and Russia)? Russia is magog
    We know that everything that happens is from heavens hand and g-d puts this in their heads to think this way.