08 March 2018

Their Torah Is Worthless

21 Adar 5778

Here we go again.
Jerusalem Faction plans mass protest against IDF serviceTwo weeks after the passing of their leader, Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach, radically anti-conscription sect gears up to flood Jerusalem streets, 'cause a noise the world will hear' in bid to demonstrate undiminished resolve to continue struggle.
Even if you agree with them, the ends here in no way justify the means. Were it a one-time event, one might be inclined to forgive the blatant disregard for their fellow Jews' welfare, but it's not a one-time event. And despite the multiple times the public has been grievously inconvenienced by this magnificent display of sinat chinam, nothing has been accomplished but a massive chillul Hashem.

Consider this. A single-mother who works to physical exhaustion every single day, but who cannot afford Jerusalem rents, must make a long bus ride home each night. Unfortunately for her, the bus route runs through Bar Ilan Street and every time there is a hareidi demonstration or a gadol's funeral, she can be left high and dry waiting for a bus that never comes because the road has been closed somewhere along the way. When she sits slumped tiredly on the bench with her groceries at her feet and looks down at her watch for the fifth time and realizes the bus is not coming and it will be another hour before the next one is due, a tear slips slowly down her cheek.

Rabotai, that single tear has just nullified all the Torah learning of all these demonstrating students. And how many times and how many ways and how many other mothers, fathers and children have been aggrieved by these ill-conceived actions? Add them all up. Do you think HKB"H is proud of them? I don't!