13 March 2018

The Government Is Tottering

26 Adar 5778

Will it stabilize or will it fall. It's being battered about by earth-shaking events and political ill-winds. Can it survive? Do God-fearing Jews even want it to survive in its current form? Anything might be better than being stuck in the rut of the status quo. I, for one, would not shed any tears on its demise.

I wonder what would be if we could pass a law that no one who had ever held office before could run in the next election and open the entire field to newcomers. Turn the political ill-winds into a refreshing wind of change. Ahh!

And why are there no term-limits in this country??? In fact, I think all politicians should be limited to one term. That way, they can concentrate on the job they were elected to do rather than spend most of their first term trying to secure a second term. If four years is not enough, perhaps the term itself should be extended to five or six years, but no one holding office should be investing their time in trying to get re-elected when they should be serving their constituents. And, in my opinion, there should never be such a thing called a "career politician."