17 March 2018

Final Adar Messages from Meir Yisroel

2 Nisan 5778
Shavua tov!

Fourth Adar Message from Meir Yisroel:

I want you to understand that this is no joke, that I have been feeling this for a few weeks already. I am panic stricken as a child, and I am panic stricken as a Neshoma. I know it has to be. We are going to see in the next few weeks many signs of an imminent attack on Israel. At least for those who read the news there will be signs. For others it will come as a surprise, but as the saying goes it will be the “shot that reverberated around the world” and it will bring us into World War Three, Hashem Yishmor. 

[Note from Devash: The replacement of SoS Tillerson with the more "hawkish-on-Iran" Pompeo, together with Debka's report that US Pres Trump is "postponing his Israel-Palestinian peace plan indefinitely," I believe, could point to a US - Iran showdown in the immediate offing with Israel right in the middle of it.]

When we sit at the table on Pesach it will be very serious and Yetzias Mitzrayim won’t seem like a story anymore. We are going to be living it in present time and like the Makkos before Yetzias Mitzrayim this will also take twelve months. We will see great wonders and we will see death and devastation. However, the only way to survive this very special time in history is with total trust in Hashem, unquestionable Bitachon in Hashem and that alone will bring us through this next year without any harm, Be’ezras Hashem. It is time for Am Yisroel to go back to the Truth which is Ain Od Milvado. Hakadosh Boruch Hu is the Hakol Yachol and our only future is to give up the senseless Gashmius, the senseless Lashon Hora and come back to Hashem completely. Go back to the simplicity, to the greatness of the true Jewish home, go back to our learning the way it is supposed to be, Leshem Shomayim and the Ikar again, total trust in Hashem. 

I Bentch us all that we should get through this with total Bitachon and when we see Moshiach with our eyes and with our Neshoma, that Hashem will help us to recognize him. From that moment on we won’t have any more real worries. We will be the Am Yisroel that Hashem wants us to be. 

Shenizka Kulanu L’Kabel Pinei Moshiach Tzidkainu Berachamim  U’visimcha. We should be Zoche to great Moshiach Tzidkainu with mercy and joy.

Fifth Adar Message from Meir Yisroel:

Mommy the world is about to explode. Only fools and the very uninformed could deny what I have just said. Everywhere we look in the world something unusual and very often terrible is happening, besides the actual natural events of huge proportions that nobody can deny because we can see with our own eyes and feel it clearly making a huge difference in our everyday lives. We have other movie-like threats to our existence that I am not sure are real at all but only the Reshoim trying to confuse us into thinking that some strange object like a Chinese space station is about to hit the earth endangering the unknown place where it might hit with its highly toxic and very poisonous waste. 

In the last few years NASA with its lies has seemed to be in competition with reports of the mini solar system of Nibiru for front page news. However, the difference is that Nibiru is a fact and it is coming towards us at a very fast speed. Nibiru and its solar system have been foretold in the Seforim like the Zohar, etc. and it even describes how two thirds of the world will be destroyed when it passes by the earth. However false information coming out of NASA time and again of huge meteorites, and now a fallen Chinese space station hit the headlines, and when the time comes for it to happen evaporates like it was never said. This method of dreaming up fantastic threats against our existence that NASA has been using time and again only to confuse us. 

I want to make it clear that the mini solar system called Nibiru or Hashavit in the Zohar is very close. The natural disasters that governments all over the world are trying with no real success to deny are happening and it was foretold in the Nevuas that two thirds of the world will be destroyed, one third almost completely, one third will be hurt very badly and one third will not be damaged. If you are a believer in G-D then you know that everything that has been written in our Sifrei Kodesh in one way or another has become a reality and this is a fact and it is about to affect the whole world. No one can argue the truth that since the early 1980s all of the major countries of the world have been building luxury bunkers deep into the ground all over the world. They have been building these bunkers secretly using the tax payer’s money to do it with. They have been brazenly without any kind of fear siphoning off money secretly from their citizens to ensure the survival of the evil ones that control the world today. 

I know that I have written this before, maybe in a different way, however this solar system is about to visit earth very soon, not in years maybe in months but it is close. A huge World War is on the horizon. We can already see it happening. We can see gigantic preparations going on in every country for the moment when the largest of all World Wars will begin, Hashem Yishmor. In a short time, it will take the lives of many people and when I say many I cringe even to think how many. When the mini solar system finally appears it will be after this war or coinciding with it. I do know one thing that Hashem created this world for Am Yisroel, in order that His chosen people could overcome the Yetzer Hora that they took into themselves when they went against Hashem’s will and ate from the Tree of Knowledge. They realized after they did this what a terrible thing they did and they realized that in the future life would not be the Gan Eden that they knew up to that point. They accepted their new status and since then man has been fighting the Yetzer Hora which has caused death and destruction to individuals, to groups, to countries to this very day. We are at the end of a terrible Galus.

The people of the world have not waged a war against their Yetzer Hora. They turned bad into good and good into bad even if they believe in the Aseres Hadibros. For example, “you shall not kill,” they interpret as thou shall not kill but if it’s a Jew or some other person that you don’t want then its Muter/ allowable. Their commandments are only connected to their own desires. Am Yisroel was given the Torah and for all those thousands of years since the first official Jew, Avrohom Ovinu who wasn’t formally given the Torah but was born with a knowledge of the Torah we have been fighting the evil ones and trying to be what Hashem wants us to be. 

This is a huge task that is almost impossible because Hashem has tested us in a most difficult way. He has chosen us to fight the Yetzer Hora in order to become worthy of being His servants for eternity. There are comparatively very few of us in this world that are real Jews but even though all around us there is chaos and destruction, He will save every Jewish Neshoma. We are at the lowest of all the generations and yet in the end will be the highest and the closest to Hashem. 

I am not going to attempt to describe exactly how this will happen. At this point of history, it seems, Chas Veshalom almost an impossible thing but we will survive! We will reject, if we haven’t already, the Yetzer Hora and we will cling to Hakadosh Boruch Hu so-to-speak. We will come back to Him completely leaving behind us all the Sheker of this world. We will throw away the Sheker that we once wanted to believe in and run towards the Truth which will bring us eternal life. Prepare yourself! It is coming soon. It will be frightening and it will be hard but with Hashem’s help and our own determination we will finally reach the end of the Galus and the entrance to Gan Eden will be revealed to us. We will enter the Bais Hamikdosh worn out by all the conflicts, extremely tired and emotionally spent but we will very soon feel the physically warm and comforting light of Truth encompassing us and we will be healed and we will be worthy of being part of the Geula Sheleimah which will bring us up to a higher level spiritually then the first man and woman. We will be tattered and torn and full of humility and this will be the greatest point that the human being has reached spiritually up to that point of what we call history. 

The outcome of the history of the world is that Am Yisroel, which means every single Neshoma that was present at Har Sinai and said Na’aseh Venishma, has finally passed all their tests in a positive way and they are ready for the next stage of their spiritual development which is too lofty to go into now. So, those Jews who are reading and internalizing my simple words and are beginning to feel the absolute Truth in them, I Bentch you that in the near future we will all be rid of the Nochosh, the Satan, the evil inclination that has dragged us down into the muck since the first man was formed. 

I truly believe that this coming Pesach will bring with it a revelation, a Truth that no one will be able to deny except the evil ones who never wanted the Truth. 

I Bentch us all, all Am Yisroel that this Pesach we will truly leave Mitzrayim but this time we will leave Mitzrayim and enter the Holy of Holies.