07 September 2017

"In Its Time, I Will Hasten It"

16 Elul 5777

A military drill unprecedented in its size and scope began day before yesterday in Israel's north and is purportedly scheduled to end next Thursday which is 23rd Elul. That date is significant because it was the Hebrew date on September 11, 2001.

In light of this morning's news of an aerial attack on a Syrian weapons facility, one must consider whether this is the "sudden small attack" referenced below.

Thousands of troops to stage mock war with Hezbollah in largest drill in years
Tens of thousands of soldiers as well as ships and aircraft will take part in 10-day exercise from Tuesday; army says timing unconnected to current Iran tensions.
...Tens of thousands of soldiers, including thousands of reservists, will take part in the exercise,....
...The exercise will simulate a conflict with Hezbollah that starts with a sudden, small attack and develops into full-scale war.
...The number of reservists taking part in the drill is also “unprecedented,”....
...In addition, the IDF Home Front Command will practice its “Safe Distance” plan, in which civilian populations along the Lebanese border will be evacuated farther south in order to keep them out of harm’s way, as the military believes that in a future conflict Hezbollah would try to send fighters to attack northern Israeli communities and their inhabitants.
“The decision to carry out the transfer of communities will be made at the political level, with the intention of preserving the safety of the citizens of the State of Israel,” the military official said.
The officer would not specify which communities would be evacuated during the exercise.
It occurs to me that our government takes no action without first obtaining permission from TPTB. What if they have given Netanyahu the green light with the expectation that they will back him up, but it's just a trap to draw us in and then abandon us to our fate? Completely according to HKB"H's plan, of course.


  1. A small development which has gone unnoticed is the massive bridge between Russia and Crimea which has just gone up. We've all heard the message from Rav Sternbuch shlita from the Vilna Gaon re Russia "annexing" Crimea. Despite the fact Russia took has been occupying the land the past 2 years, its possible, the bridge which went up with big fanfare is the actual "annexation".

  2. We may have up to four Water Submersion Plagues in the month of Elul alone!! OM G-d. Water submersion plagues begin this final redemption because the Ark of Noah was submerged 11 Amot in the waters of the Mabul referring to the Vav and the Final Hey in HaShem's Name through which we are redeemed in the Final Redemption. The Redemption from Mitzraim was with the Yud and the Hey in His Holy Name. For this reason the Waters of the Flood rose 15 Amot above Mt. Ararat. The Yud was the ten plagues in Egypt, and the Hey was the the five times multiplier at the YamSuf (10 Plagues in Egypt and 50 at the Sea, 40 plagues in Egypt and 200 at the Sea, etc.) 15 steps in Dayeinu, etc. So the redemption from Mitzraim begins with Moshe Rabbeinu's little ark floating on the Nile River from which Batya, Bat Paro rescues Moshe from the Nile. Then 80 years later the first plague was when Aharon hit the SURFACE of the Nile with his staff since Moshe could not hit the surface of the Nile to perform a plague because he had hakarat Hatov that the Surface of the Nile saved his life as an infant. The First Plague in Egypt was against the principle Avodah Zarah of Mitzraim, the Nile River.

    So with the Final Redemption we learn that the Ark of Noah was SUBMERGED in the Nile 11 Amot from a calculation that Rashi does based on when the Waters of the Flood began to subside on Rosh Chodesh Siwan. Then the Ark runs aground on Ararat on the 17th of Siwan. Then the peak of Ararat is seen on Rosh Chodesh Av. Since the surface of the floodwaters was 15 Amot above Mt. Ararat and since it took 59 or 60 days for the Flood waters to be seen on Rosh Chodesh Av, then the waters subsided one Amah every four days or four days per Amah. So on the 17th of Siwan, the waters of the Flood had subsided four Amot when the Ark ran aground on the mountain. So the Final Redemption unlike the first Redemption when it begins with the Vav in HaShem's Name, begins with at least two Water Submersion plagues.

    1. Did you notice how many yuds, vavs, and hehs show up in the Hebrew names of these storms?

  3. Did we mention that the First Plague in Mitzraim was against the Avodah Zarah of Egypt, the principle Avodah Zarah that most angered haShem, the Nile River. The first plague of the Final Redemption, Harvey, first hit the principle Avodah Zara of Edom for the last 2000 years! Nope, it is not the Trinity even though that is an Avodah Zarah. The Trinity is a bizarre idea floating around in the heads of Xtains, but it is not Chayav Mitah to believe in Shituf outside of Eretz Yisrael. The Principle Avodah Zarah that is Chayav Mitah all over the world is that the mangod can be worshiped in bodily form by sticking his Corpse on a Cross so that Catholics and Orthodox Xtians, can then kneel before him as they pray. That is the essence of Avodah Zarah, to worship statues and pictures of gods or a god in this case. Just look at the Aseret HaDibrot itself. So whom are the worshiping? The Body of Yoshke whom they call Christ. We can call him X. And the City in Texas that was first hit by Harvey BEFORE it wandered on to Houston? Corpus Christi which is Latin for The Body of X!!!!!

    1. Additionally, Houston is the center of the oil industry and the refineries were shut down. They sold us out to the arabs for oil interests, so mida k'neged midah...