11 July 2017

TD Welcomes The Jerusalem Herald

19 Tamuz 5777


  1. Dear Tomer Devorah, Glad to hear about the new publication. Just signed up for their mailing list. Shalom, Aryeh Yosef

  2. I ditto that Aryeh Yosef (by the way you have my huaband's first name and our son's name (Yosef) - do check out the the 16 square of our names on my site - click the name analysis and you will see it. DEVASH?! I am tickled you have a website that will not give you headaches like BlogSpot does. Does this mean you will from now on post articles there only? You will let your readers know this right?

    1. It's not my website! I just sent them a few articles. Whatever they publish I will link to here. Whatever they do not publish, I will post here. Otherwise, I am still writing this blog and it is my first priority! ;-)

  3. thank you so much, dear Devash. Shalom forever.

  4. Ay, I had not read your note, anyway, there is censorship everywhere, I also suffer it.