30 July 2017

"Jewish Intellectual Arrogance"

8 Av 5777

Avraham Sheinman on "Jewish Intellectual Arrogance"


  1. "According to Chief of Staff Eisenkot’s plan, in three years from now the IDF will resemble the US Special Operations Command"

    God forbid!!

  2. Right. Regarding Jewish intellectual "arrogance", it would be less funny if the "left wing" low iq idiots, morons and monkeys with degrees and titles had something to be arrogant about. In most cases, they don't. In Academia. In Law. In Government. Whether in Israel or the Jewish World. I see the Classic Jewish Big Mouth, the "I'm God's Gift to Humanity" Syndrome, it's MEGA SHTETL PSYCHOSIS. For me, Israel has simply reproduced a Pale of Settlement on the Sea, Our Little Shtetl of Chelm on the Mediterranean, and, BLUNTLY, a Small Time Stalinist Shtetl Shlepperocracy, in which too many of Israel's Best People RUN LIKE HELL, and 30-50% of Israel's immigrants from the best countries, after a few years of getting the "your a freier, how may i swindle and con and shake you down treatment" by AMCHA, turn around and RUN LIKE HELL back home. Blather and verbiage drashas from rabbis about "Well, you have to suffer in the Land of Israel" are CRAP. that is from our ENEMIES. not from OURSELVES. i still have hope for a better future, but in THAT case, Israel must become a (relatively) law-based society like Canada, New Zealand and Australian, and NOT what IT IS: A reproduction of 1920s War Lord China run by Chamulas, Chevras and Mafias. Of course, all of the above within the framework of Faith in God and observance of His Commandments (or at least a SINCERE ATTEMPT to do so).