29 July 2017

"Between Heaven and Earth"

7 Av 5777

Rabbi Yehuda Richter on "Between Heaven and Earth"


  1. Tremendous. He's right, the "establishment" surrendered and doesn't realize the ramifications of their display of weakness. It makes the enemy more brazen.

  2. This refusal to accept reality, this blindness is a result of their arrogance. (as spoken of in the shiur above.)It is why the Temple Mount was given back. It is why Yassir Arafat was brought back and given arms. It is why we suffer today from the bloody Oslo Accords) Because the alternative IS the Torah alternative: To refuse to yield what is ours to the enemy. TO INFLICT HARSH PUNISHMENT ON OUR ENEMY. They believe the Derech Hashem is for unsophisticated, simple minded brutal people.(G-d fearing Jews) Sitting down with the enemy and serving him tea and asking him how much land he wants is preferable to wiping out a couple of villages. So instead we personify Einstein's example of what insanity is. The can is kicked further down the road each year. The lowly skin tag on the toe has turned into a malignant cancer whose cells have permeated every vital organ of the body! The veins of the body are bloated with poison, the eyes stare and the lips drained of blood. We need a holy, G-d fearing man..now!