09 May 2017

Pesach Sheini - A Second Chance

14 Iyyar 5777
Pesach Sheini
Day 29 of the Omer

Nothing (except Shabbat) more clearly delineates the line dividing Jews from non-Jews as Pesach. The korban Pesach is forbidden to non-Jews, but the Jews even get a second chance at it if they miss the first one. Do you think that's what Tommy Waller has in mind when he is saying this prayer?

And despite this everlasting sign of Divine favor, there are some, particularly those who engage in foreign worship (avodah zarah) who think Judaism an empty, lifeless shell of an ancient religion, whose adherents are incapable of connecting to the Divine or of having a personal relationship with HKB"H

If they only knew the truth! But, it will be difficult, if not impossible, for them to find it since the Jews they know and interact with only reinforce these misconceptions.

It's sad, really. It's thirteen years on that Tommy Waller and his family have been intimately associating with Jews and they are no closer to the truth today than they were at the beginning.

There are no second chances for those who miss the first one to accept and embrace the Truth of the Torah which forbids this kind of foreign worship of a false god.


  1. If it weren't for the Erev Rav who aid and abet these missionaries, this tzorah could not happen. It's all part of their deJudaization goal in EY. H' yerachem!

  2. This is so twisted - it makes me furious...how dare they come to our holy land and try to steal neshomot. ...and after everything they've done to Am Yisroel throughout history, the innocent Jewish blood shed - that there are "so called" Rabbis that support their presence here...it makes my blood boil. What nerve, what evil.....the Arabs want to kill our bodies, but these sickly sweet hideous beings, come with their false gifts and pretend friendship want to destroy our souls. I can think of nothing worse, they are the worse of the two evils....and I despise Islam, so that is really saying something