20 November 2016

Binyamin: "...After the Elections"

20 Marcheshvan 5777

Excerpts of statements made by Binyamin Golden before the elections.

Message 276:

It appears to me that Trump as well as Clinton both work for the same boss...it's all a show. On the one hand, Trump is telling the truth, because he is supposed to be a "man of truth" to pull in all the goyim who are against Obama. In the beginning I didn't trust him, but slowly-slowly he began to speak more and more 'against', and to tell more and more truth. Like, for example, he said to one newscaster that if Hillary Clinton would be president - it would be the end of United States democracy and that it would turn into a place with 'one group that controls everything'. Not two political parties - one political party, like the communists. So when they heard a thing like this, each little bit truthful person knew in his heart that it was correct. So, how did he dare to say it?... Truthfully, how did he dare to say it?... Indeed, they are the Mafia heads, so who wants to go against them?! Even if he is a billionaire... So, therefore, the change will be very big, and since Obama said that he is afraid that if Trump loses there will be civil war, then 'bingo' - this is exactly what he wants to say...that's it. That's the thing.

Message 277:

Q. You all said that Obama would not give up control...

A. He's a rasha and he doesn't want to leave, and I don't believe he will leave.

Q. How can he do it, from behind the scenes he will keep his power?...

A. I don't know, I'm almost certain that when the star [Nibiru] will be very close, they have to go into their bunkers, including Trump as well as Clinton... but the truth - Obama does not like Clinton at all... They are too strong for him, and I would say that he would not exactly want to sit for a few years with them in a bunker... That would be something else. Each one worries that the other will stab him in the back...

...The world is a mess. With Hillary and Trump and the whole show of the two of them they are acting out and not so well... Because we, and not just we, not only the autistics or chareidim, there are all kinds of people who see their show and understand that it's just a show. They are not very good actors. The script is not at all believable. They know that they are going to do something else. That afterwards, ...sometime after the elections, something huge is going to happen, because they know that everything is going to be finished. The evildoers know, they want to enter into their bunkers, they know well.


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