09 October 2016

"Softening Up the Target"

7 Tishrei 5777

US covert ops include plans for what they call "softening up a target" psychologically in order to push public opinion in a particular direction which serves US interests. With the big UN conclave on Israeli settlements looming on Friday, I suppose we can expect more of these in the coming week, courtesy of our "best friend and ally".

Terror Attack in Jerusalem, Terrorist Neutralized, Multiple Wounded

In fact, considering how little time Obama has left to realize his goal of establishing a 'Palestinian' state, we might see a reign of terror unleashed across the nation.

What can we do? The same things we always do: pray, do heartfelt teshuvah, give extra tzedakah, try to go about business as noramlly as possible, but be extra vigilant and alert. Hakol min Shamayim v'hakol b'yadei Shamayim.