26 July 2016


20 Tamuz 5776

This very public and humiliating downfall of a very prominent Jewish American is meant to communicate a message to all of American Jewry - the party is over. It's time to go home.

 What was supposed to be a morning of personal triumph for Debbie Wasserman Schultz — rallying her home-state delegation before opening the Democratic National Convention she had orchestrated — suddenly became one of humiliation.
“Shame!” people in the room jeered as the congresswoman addressed a Monday breakfast of the Florida delegation. “Shame!”


  1. Eh who cares? What the real Jews and good people of america must mostly by afraid of is the natural disasters that will befall the world soon.
    And personally, me would not get involved with politics and so-called justice because it is completely owned and controlled by the wicked snd they oppose anyone of whom they do not like rightly and wrongly and none of us can wait for the new era where the whole world will be organized and will have good and holy leadership so to hell with this.

  2. What was so terrible about being against Sanders? She was for Hillary. Others have said and done more than she. Opinion please.

    1. The actual email addressing Sanders' "religion" was nothing. The fact that such a minor thing could be blown out of all proportion and used to bring about such a devastating result in such a short time is from Shamayim.

      It's notable also that her downfall is due to what was said of another Jewish American - Bernie Sanders.It's a ringing message to the Jews!! Is anyone paying attention???

      Debbie Wasserman-Schultz represents the quintessential Jewish American (as opposed to American Jew). Even though she is not afraid to identify as Jewish, she is so tied into the Eisavian mindset that she is more American than Jew. That's why she was chosen to be Hashem's messenger to her compatriots. Look how quickly the Jewish party - the Democrats - have turned on her. All the foundations are crumbling. The whole world is shaking. The only solid piece of ground is the most contested - Holy Yerushalayim. And it will not be moved!

    2. The issue was, the fact leaked emails showed that the DNC rigged elections from the start. Sanders, his voters, and his donors never stood a chance. Most of us know Washington is corrupt specifically the Progressives, this just confirms it.
      The Truth

    3. In this case, "she" was the DNC and therefore is not allowed to play favorites, supposedly, but of course they do. The party organizations are supposed to facilitate a fair primary system, and then rally to support the victor. It is supposed to provide equal resources to all the credible candidates. In this case, it was clear that the DNC rigged the system in favor of hiller. Her problem is that her "sin" was exposed and hillery was anxious to get rid of the goods as soon as possible.

  3. She's a woman, a liberal, AND a cancer survivor.


    ...even all that is not enough to protect her.

    She was still the scapegoat. Sure. She messed up.

    But, so did all of the other crooks, too.

  4. At the same time, was this a symbolic, collective punishment from HaQadosh Baruch Hu?

    Was this just the same message to American Jews, that they never seem to get?

    1. In my view, it wasn't a punishment. It was a set of circumstances brought about by the natural consequences of ill conceived behavior which was magnified by Shamayim in order to get through to the Jews. Yes, same message, different circumstances, another try. If only one wakes up, it's worth it.

  5. She is American before she is Jewish and furthermore she is a Democrat before she is an American. Remember she voted in congress FOR the deal with Iran.
    Moshe from Miami