27 March 2016

New Messages and Commentaries

18 Adar II 5776

There are two new messages: "The Comet is Coming!" (28 Shevat 5776, 21 Adar I 5776) by Daniel and "Show Hashem That You Are With Him" (RH Adar II 5776) by Menachem.

Instead of translating them word for word since most people seem to be google-translating them anyway, I will only translate excerpts on which I wish to comment. I hope that will be agreeable to everyone. Here is the first example. The following comes from the message by Daniel...
Am Yisrael! Don't allow the evildoers to take our Yiddishkeit, don't be afraid of them! Do you understand this? It has to be. Each one must have the courage not to allow [them] to take from any Jew what is most important to him and that is  - his connection with HKB"H. HKB"H will protect us, those who want the truth. Those who live with the truth - will survive. Don't be afraid, don't be afraid. You're familiar with the song: ("Gesher Tzar Meod") - "The whole world is a very narrow bridge - and the main thing is not to be afraid at all"...
The following story which was reported last week demonstrates this idea precisely...
Israel Air Force Mashgiach Kashrus Shaves His Beard Under Threat of Being Jailed
An Israel Air Force mashgiach kashrus who maintains a chareidi lifestyle shaved his beard under threat of being jailed for refusing an order if he did not. The soldier serves in a major air force base in central Israel. Persons close to the soldier explain he shaved while crying for it was the first time in his life since his beard began growing that he was without it, for in his eyes halacha compels him to maintain a beard. However, he feared if sent to jail he will lose his position as mashgiach.
This is why we are admonished to have the kavanah of being willing to give up our lives al kidush Hashem if necessary when we say the Shema prayer. This mental exercise prepares the soul to take the correct action when confronted with such a situation. It is something we should be thinking about every day and we should be teaching it to our children, too. 

I think today's children may be over-protected in this regard and thus less prepared to act in the right manner as the situation may require of them. Just something to think about and pray over.