21 March 2016

"IT'S REAL!" - Conclusion

12 Adar II 5776

Communication with Aharela and Menachem
YerushalayimMotzaei Shabbat Kodesh
Parshat Vayakhel, 26 Adar I 5776


"I want you to understand, that Gedolei Hador (the spiritual leaders of this generation), or everyone that is considered Gadol Hador today, are not at the level, however you want, of what we had in the past. And it's written that such will be the situation." [Itzhak Drahy] We need, each Jew in himself, when it comes to important things, like the draft, or in general every other connection to the state, to understand: it's forbidden! We need to understand this to the end: the state can't make anything for us but troubles. We sit here in Eretz Yisrael because we are Jews who want to be here, and especially at this time just before the arrival of Mashiach. And that's everything. And it doesn't matter to us who is in control as long as they leave us alone, but when they begin to bother us and to try to turn our children into serious sinners - then we have to fight against it. It's an obligation! We can't allow them, without opposition, to spoil our next generation, or to confuse us and take money from them, and think that they are 'helping' us, that they're "the good ones", that their money comes from heaven. Right, the money really comes from heaven, but they 'stole' it, or received it in an incorrect way. And their goals to give us money - it's not for our good.

So, it should be clear: rabbis who say all kinds of things in favor of the state, or in favor of the army, it's simply not our rabbis. Each one chooses his rav, and we also are choosing our rabbis. And how will it not be - Aharel'e is really right, we don't have much time. The world is about to return to the situation that was before the flood. In the same manner as it was just before the sin. And then with G-d's help, we'll pass the test and we will be able to enter really into Gan-Eden.

Q. In the past, there were those who were carried away and combined nationalism with the Torah...

A. We're not talking about that. I don't want to talk about that, that's how do they say? Water under the bridge. I don't want to talk about things like that. We have the reality of today. Hashem wanted the evildoers to settle the land, and the land is really flourishing, in this they are right. But it doesn't help, because they did it for incorrect reasons. Yes, the simple pioneers, they believed in it, the unfortunates, those who shlepped them from their shtetls, and brought them to Israel, and fed them Zionism, poisoned them. It turned them into complete seculars.

And this is a plan of the organization which is greater than the Zionists, which overall is the one who put it together, who created the Zionists and sent them, and that's the 'New World Order'. Those who did it intentionally, because they wanted to arrive to Israel and rule. And they wanted to take it from the Jews, and that the Jews would cooperate with them, that the Jews would be part of their new religion. And that's the whole reason that Russia and the United States voted in favor of the establishment of the State of Israel. Indeed, it was not at all logical that the two of them would vote for it, what interest did they have with this thing?!... Just that, the 'New World Order' got along much better with the Zionists than with the Arabs. They don't like the Arabs and they don't want the Arabs. They want to conquer, G-d forbid, the center, the heart, the 'kishkas' of HKB"H so to speak, and rule over everything. And where is this? It's Jerusalem. And they have to turn the Jewish people who are thought of as the Chosen People of HKB"H to their religion, and thus, according to how they believe, they will win, G-d forbid, G-d forbid, over HKB"H. But they have a big surprise still waiting for them, a surprise that will bring them not just to death, but will disappear them in general from the reality!

I just want to tell you again: The world today is filthy! Not every person of the world today is filthy, but the majority are filthy. And therefore - the majority will die. But, Am Yisrael, is truly the Chosen People of HKB"H. And we, all our souls belong to HKB"H. And when we will really be in a situation where we will be able to take down the partitions, and cling only to our source - then it will truly be Gan-Eden, it will really, really be Gan-Eden!