28 March 2016

Economic Problems Abound

18 Adar II 5776

For those who are requesting complete translations, I will try my best to accommodate with God's help, bl'i neder. Meantime...

Excerpts from Daniel's message of 25 Shevat 5776:

Do you not understand?! There is going to be a huge economic collapse all over the world, and it's impossible to save the economy. Why? Because they stole most of the money! The banks are working on "hot air" (something artificial, not real). There's not enough money within the bank to pay all its debts... And this is organized, it's not that each one does it separately, it's a system. Stealing the money, sending to England, and from England - transferring [it] to the Bank of the Vatican. This is the system and this is the way....

Now, when a person wants to pay someone or transfer money to someone, he goes to the bank and transfers to the other's account, without cash. The money passes over in numbers alone. He wants to buy a car - he gives a check. The check is not money, once again - it's numbers. Today, all over the world, if a person wants to go to the bank and take a large amount of cash, from his own money, then they ask him: "What's it for?"... And he has to answer all kinds of questions, and sometimes they tell him he can't take it out...

Huge Changes Coming April 1st - More Signs Banks Have Begun 'Tightening The Screws' With World On Edge As Insiders Warn: 'Get Out While You Still Can' And 'Try To Hold On To What You Already Have'

...banks and credit card companies have begun 'tightening the screws' by changing limits on an individual basis if they so deem that your planned purchase needs to be 'censored'. Should we be concerned about the banks telling us what we can or cannot buy?

The banks responsibilities are laid out clear as day in the notice below.: "We will assign a credit access line to your account, and post it on your monthly billing statement. We may cancel, change or restrict your credit availability at any time. Each transaction is considered for approval on an individual basis, including those above the credit access line. We may not approve all transactions."

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What Happened When I Tried to Take $1500 Cash Out of Bank of America-Bank Holiday is Near

Yesterday, I went to Bank of America to withdraw $1500 cash. You would of thought I had a sign around my neck saying that I was a heroin dealer.

The teller went and got a bank officer who began to question me:

Bank Officer: Sir, what are you using the money for?

Me: I am using it for a legal personal matter. Beyond that, it is none of your business.

Bank Officer: Sir, we can put a hold on your account.

Me: Mr. Bank Officer, I will remove my entire account and deposit it to another bank if I do not have my money in five minutes and I want my money in $100 bills.

Bank Officer: Sir, your threats will not work here and if you are not cooperative and fill out this form, I will call the police and notifiy the IRS. (He wanted me to fill out a Cash Transaction Report which is not required unless your withdrawing $10,000 or more)

Me: Mr. Bank Officer, I refuse to fill out your report because it is not required unless I withdraw $10,000 and your may call who you want…. You obviously do not know the law and who I am. Between my writing and broadcasting, I reach over 2 million people per month. I would say that statistically about 400,000 people have B of A accounts who listen to me or read my articles. Before the end of this month, you will see sizable withdrawals based upon my recantation of this conversations in the public domain. By the way, I am recording this.

The bank officer walked away and disappeared and then came back in a few moments. He instructed the teller to process my request.

Bank Officer: I have reviewed your account history and you have been an excellent customer. You are obviously using the money for honorable purposes. I apologize for any misunderstanding.

Me: Thank you. The purposes for the use of my money, is none of your business, it is a matter for law enforcement. You should think about this when you try to bully the next guy.

I am certain that the threat of my reach and potential action against Bank of America did not influence bank officer’s decision to honor my request. I am sure he called his boss and that they have now filed a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR), and my business affairs will come under the scrutiny of the IRS and possibly the FBI....

I requested that my money withdrawal be disbursed in one hundred dollar bills. They had one, count it, one, one hundred dollar bill in the entire bank.

I asked the teller if the bank was making good on the rumor that they were phasing out one hundred dollar bills in their incremental move towards a cashless society. The $10 per hour teller said she they did not know what I was talking about....

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Message continues...

The evildoers don't want a person to use cash, only credit cards and checks. Because they want to know what a person is doing with his money, where a person is going [Israeli Rav Kav], what he is doing, etc., so that a person will be completely under the control of the evildoers.


  1. Let us know when it hits Israel (beside the RavKav)!

  2. It already has. Haven't noticed the Supersal cards being pushed on you? The cards for the stores on Kvish 6, every other kind of card imaginable...etc...sales available only for card holders, etc....it is to get you used to cards only, to see what you purchase when and why.