01 November 2015

Binyamin: "World War Three Broke Out" - Q and A, Pt 2

19 Marcheshvan 5776
Shavua tov!


Yerushalayim, Yom Shlishi, Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan
with Binyamin

World War Three Broke Out
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Redemption Soon

Q. In recent weeks it was publicized about the youth who returned to life from clinical death, and he tells about a lot of things that they said to him in Heaven about the War of Gog uMagog being very close, and more. What do you think?

A. Very many things that he says are correct, that is to say that according to the prophecies it's correct. There are things that I don't know if it's exactly right or not, but it doesn't matter, it's written that before Mashiach comes, there will be all kinds of people who will dream, will get all kinds of interesting dreams, etc., etc.

Q. And it happened precisely to a secular kid who before this, he had no clue about Judaism, and suddenly he receives like this abundance of knowledge and understanding...

A. Yes, it's written that there will be things like this before Mashiach comes, and it exists. Now it exists. And it's not just him, davka there were many who received dreams like these and etc.

Q. There are those who are speaking about the 10th of Tevet...

A. I just know that this year, not 2015, the current Jewish year [5776], will really be the year of redemption. The geulah - I don't know when exactly, but it has to be. Because the world is simply disintegrating. And when it collapses, there will just be a mess, a mess. Listen, it's a mess with evil people who are ruling, and even if they thought that they are together, it's possible that at some stage they wll go against each other, and just listen, it's really like giving rifles to little children. They will simply start shooting at each other, it's also a thing that could be. How exactly it will be - I don't know. I know that the evildoers will disappear.

Q. How can we identify who is receiving true dreams and who is speaking foolishness?

A. First of all, if the dream is not true, but it's going according to the prophecies, so be it... And what's not suitable, like... that I don't read it much at all [not found in the prophecies], it's really nonsense. But, a lot of chareidi Jews run after him, want to hear what he has to say, and he says what they want to hear...

Q. That's because of the situation being so empty, and there's no guidance, no nothing, so they're caught by any nonsense...

A. But, they don't want something serious. If you try to draw them towards seriousness - it doesn't interest them. Only if you would allow them to go to a soccer game, I'm concerned that a lot of them would want it... They want something where they don't need to think, that they don't need to get into deeply, this way it gives them a momentary pleasure.

Q. The question is, at this moment, at this stage, how can we expect a European or American Jew to come to Israel if they're hearing all that's happening here?

A. An American Jew, they're still in a good sleep, even though they know the truth that the clock is going against them, that in a little bit the hour will arrive when they will begin to fill the concentration camps that they built all over the US, that now it's clear that they have them. Even on a US government website there is a detailed list of every single one of these places, the concentration camps, and that they can hold 50 million people. And if they simply decide to liquidate people, so they simply do 50,000 who-knows-how-many-times. And they have there piles-piles-piles of plastic containers, caskets, that in each one you can put five bodies, so do the math...

Q. How is it that the whole world is silent, and all America is silent?

A. What is 'America'? It's already not America, it's not a democracy at all. They're completely confused, and most of the people there - are either black or brown, and it doesn't matter which color they are, but they usually come from the least educated groups, and from places like Guatemala and Mexico. There are also more intelligent people among the blacks as well as the browns and also among the whites, but they don't have the strength. It's really amazing, and interesting, and frightening, how America, the United States, fell into the hands of the evildoers so easily, without any problem.

Q. You're always saying it will be harder outside of Israel, and also here it will be hard, but not like abroad...

A. But, understand one thing, that here it's just starting now, actually, it started already a year ago, or perhaps it started already a few years ago. Always it wasn't simple here, since the founding of the state and even before that. But you should understand, in America - it will be the worst, and in Europe - it will be the worst, especially for Jews, so it's impossible to compare.

Q. Do the Jews who live there understand this?

A. The chareidi Jews, they're still supportive of Obama... Not everyone, but very many. And especially those like film actors and singers, etc., and the rich, a type of rich business people, who are among the evildoers. And it's full of Jews among the evildoers. They're prominent in it. So, what will I say, there are a lot of Jews who have really gone down a terrible way in their kedushah, so they're happy that the twisted black man [Obama] like 'approved' their crookedness, he's 'liberal' in the extreme.

Q. But if we will continue to live this way, we will lose our lives...

A. You don't understand, it's a little more, it's war! It won't be a garden of roses.