19 May 2015

Binyamin on American Aliyah

1 Sivan 5775
Rosh Chodesh
Day 45 of the Omer

Q. There are rabbis saying to American Jews to get out fast, if not - after this they won't be able to!

A. The Americans, they're like the German Jews before the shoah. They lived very well in Germany. Currently, the Americans are living very well in the United States. Perhaps now it's a bit difficult, but overall they caught the disease called 'eigel-hazahav', and they're drunk on it, and it's hard for them to separate from it. Indeed there are people, good Jews who want to go, but where will they go? What, they will buy an apartment in Israel? There won't even be anything for them to rent! And what will they eat? Also, there is a government of evildoers here, who are not giving the child-payments normally...

[Clearly, Binyamin is speaking facetiously here after "indeed"...]

Q. So, really, on what will they live?

A. Hashem will help. The American Jew who truly believes with all his strength that it's true, that it's really going to be a disaster in the United States, and that it's already the end, and sees that it's 'already-Mashiach', then he'll pick up his pekalach and come, and he'll trust in Hashem. But, these are usually mixed very much with the life there, I'm speaking exclusively about Hareidim, because the rest are in general 'in the clouds', they're not in reality... So, even though they know the truth, the Hareidim, it's hard for them. And for those who know the truth and are standing ready - Hashem will save them, even though they will arrive here - there will be for them [what they need].