16 March 2015

YTA - Yerushalayim Torah Academy

26 Adar 5775

A reader sent me the following...
Yesterday, I was at the Aliyah fair in Manhattan and learned about a Yeshiva/Seminary in Israel that caters to olim and gives instructions in English. I had heard about this from a friend and needed to see it to believe it. The school's name is Yerushalayim Torah Academy. It's a high school, which makes sense because it's the older kids for whom Aliyah poses the most difficulty due to the challenges of learning the language.
You might want to post for those outside Israel who fear making Aliyah with older kids.
I want to thank this reader for making me aware of the opportunity I have here. I'm embarrassed that I didn't think of it before. You see my granddaughter is about to graduate from YTA for girls. Although she was born in Israel, she grew up in an English-speaking home full of clueless olim. She had a rough time with school until her mother heard about YTA. It was a life-saver even for the Israeli-born child of olim. 

I highly recommend YTA - Yerushalayim Torah Academy - for boys and for girls making aliyah. And I want to publicly thank Rabbi Samson and Dr. Lisa for providing my granddaughter with a very happy high school experience in Israel.


  1. We made Aliyah in 2010 and my younger daughter attends YTA and my older daughter graduated from YTA. Dr. Lisa Fredman and the staff of YTA are fantastic!

    1. Thanks for adding your testimonial as well, Mr. Butterfield.