09 March 2015

"Which Bibi ???"

18 Adar 5775

Get ready for it. He can go either way. It just depends on which orders he receives.


I finally received a call from one of the poll takers. They asked if was intending to vote. I said "yes" and when they asked who I would be voting for, I said "Yachad." The poll-taker repeated it twice with what sounded like increasing consternation. He asked if my mind was made up or if anything might change it and I said "yes" my mind is made up and "no" nothing would be changing it. I wanted to add that were it not for Yachad, I would not bother to vote at all, but I didn't. He said "thank you" and we hung up. Pretty painless. Don't know what good it really does, but it was nice to be asked.