09 March 2015

"Which Bibi ???"

18 Adar 5775

Get ready for it. He can go either way. It just depends on which orders he receives.


I finally received a call from one of the poll takers. They asked if was intending to vote. I said "yes" and when they asked who I would be voting for, I said "Yachad." The poll-taker repeated it twice with what sounded like increasing consternation. He asked if my mind was made up or if anything might change it and I said "yes" my mind is made up and "no" nothing would be changing it. I wanted to add that were it not for Yachad, I would not bother to vote at all, but I didn't. He said "thank you" and we hung up. Pretty painless. Don't know what good it really does, but it was nice to be asked.


  1. Huge belly laugh. Love your post. It sure was confusing reading all that back and forth nonsense!

  2. I got that same call as you, it went the same way as yours (both from my side and theirs), but without the consternation -- she (the poll-taker) sounded nice, but overwhelmed.

  3. Judging from all the screaming headlines, my guess is that they're going to give the election to the left and to quiet the outcries of 'stolen election' from the right, the first thing Obama will do is give Pollard to Herzog to show he is a man who can get things done.

    -a voice in the wilderness