16 March 2015

Kosher Eating

26 Adar 5775

What passes for kosher among most Jews today is not really kosher. We often worry about how unkosher eating can damage our bodies, but I wonder if we worry enough about the damage that it is doing to our souls.
...Almost everything is being influenced by the Egel Hazahav [the “Golden Calf” excessive materialism and the ways of the non-Jews]. Everything we eat has a hechsher but how much of what we eat is really kosher? How much of it is fit to be eaten by a Jew who wants truly kosher food?
And even if the food is kosher, often the wrapper or the advertisement is not kosher. That is a catastrophe because once the wrapper is not kosher the whole thing is not kosher. Because this exposes the Jew and his family to non-kosher images and foreign attitudes that can damage their spirituality, G-d forbid. This endangers their eternal life.
Ice cream, potato chips, hamburgers, chewing gum, pizzas and so on - all that junk has no place in the life of a Jew. This brings the lusts and impurity of the street inside the Jew. Coca-cola, Seven-up, Jump, etc., it's all non-kosher since it is part of the desires and lusts of the goyim [non-Jews].
Even if the ingredients are kosher, the whole street-like style is forbidden. It is similar to Adam and Eve eating from the tree of knowledge: it causes the Evil Inclination and impurities of the non-Jewish nations to come inside us. It changes us both physically and spiritually.
In addition, frequently the actual ingredients are not kosher. Much of the meat we buy today is really not kosher, or at least not on the level of kashrus a true Jew should insist upon eating. And I am not referring only to Israel, America or Europe. In this matter, there are problems the world over.
Everything is potentially problematic; the vegetables, the meat, the milk, all the various baked goods etc. Everything can be problematic because everything is influenced by huge profits. [However it is important to understand that all these and other problems are also important reasons for strengthening and encouragement, because they are signs that our Redemption is very close, and with it the rectification of all problems in the world, as promised by many prophesies in the Bible, see Isaiah 2, Mahral Netsach Yisrael chapter 35, etc. etc.].
A Jew must eat kosher. But he does not need to eat pizza, parve foods that taste like meat, parve foods that taste like cheese, all sorts of ice cream and sweets and so on. These are all part of the lusts of the gentile world.
We must be modest in everything, including in what we eat. We need to eat simple food without too many ingredients that is made at home. It is much easier to be sure of the Kashrus of homemade food, and obviously such food is much healthier for the body and for the soul....  (Source)
Something to think about and improve upon.