18 March 2015

Eli Yishai Still Under Attack

27 Adar 5775

It's reminiscent of the outlandish way that Jonathan Pollard has been treated all these years - the way Eli Yishai and his party have been under constant attack. It's over and they are out of the government and yet the attacks continue...
Yishai Remains Secluded at Home
...now, he is viewed as being responsible for taking seats from both Shas and Yahadut Hatorah. His failure to enter Knesset results in about 120,000 votes being trashed, votes that would have earned additional seats for the chareidi parties.
I don't know anyone who voted for Eli Yishai and his party who would have voted for any of the chareidi parties instead.  They need to know that probably most, if not all, of those 120,000 votes would not have been cast at all had Yachad not appeared on the scene. I certainly would not have voted!

Baruch Marzel expressed his feelings on facebook: "...the Knesset is only a means and not a goal! Our goal is the land of Israel and we will continue to defend it in any situation, from within (the Knesset) or without!"



  1. What about the about 30,000 votes from the Jerusalem faction not used? I read elsewhere that yachad was only 11,000 shy. They were never given a chance, plus we hardly saw them in the public eye? No interviews, rallys

  2. Good point, Devash, about there being a question of how many votes Yachad really took when many Yachad voters feel there isn't anyone else to vote for.
    I still don't believe that Yachad didn't cross the threshold. Am I supposed to believe Gimmel, who primarily gets support from a small but blessedly growing group of Askenazi chareidim easily crosses the threshold each time, but Yachad -- which attracted wide swaths of society from Breslov, Chabad, Sefardim, chareidi and religious Zionist, general right-wing, etc. -- couldn't cross the threshold? To me, this all stinks of fraud -- no surprise here.
    Anyway, Yachad showed superhuman resolve to obey the Torah laws of permissible speech in the face of serious mudslinging and provocation and that will protect them and they should be matzliach in all their future endeavors.

    1. You can see the whole vote breakdown here and the breakdown by cities here. Pretty interesting.

      Yeshiva World News says Netanyahu's last minute fear-mongering about the Left winning and the polls showing Likud down by 4 seats scared BY and Yachad voters into switching to Likud. May be.

  3. Agree with Neshama and Dassie. You can be sure of all the fraud that went on. Let's face it, the State will not allow for Yachad or any party with a connection to H', Torah and the Land of Israel to even get to first base. Maybe it's a good sign, proving that holiness and tumah cannot mix. H' is controlling everything, epecially in Eretz Yisrael where His Shchinah is there from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. Yachad and its members are proving to H' that they are the true inheritors of the Land, together with all those who voted for them and stand with them; whereas, shamefully, the Shas, UTJ, etc. are just no more than politicians. Raizy

  4. Hi, I just wanted to add as a zechut for all real Jews:
    I spoke with a boy who attends a fine Sefardi yeshiva and learns there with a relative of Deri and a relative of Yishai, and he says that throughout the whole process, there was no tension between the two boys at all, nor from any of the other boys. No comments, no smirks, no eyeballing, no passive-aggressive shoulder-bumping as they pass each other in the hallway.....
    It just goes to show that even when they are in the middle of their testosteronal teens, real Jews still know how to behave.