17 March 2015


26 Adar 5775


  1. Rabbi Dov Lior has called to the deans of the religious Zionist yeshivas (Torah academies) to allow their students to go out and help Yachad-Ha'am Itanu on this election day (Tuesday).

    In a letter he published to the deans of the nationalist (hesder) yeshivas, Rabbi Lior wrote, "I am turning to you that you permit your students to volunteer to help assure the success of those who will represent them best through standing up for the honor of the Torah, the honor of our Holy Land, and for it to be delivered from the hands of gentiles. Under these existing conditions, the candidates from the Yachad list best meet these hopes and expectations, and so we should help them attain success."

    -a voice in the wilderness

  2. I will be voting for Yachad. IMO, there is no other option.

    1. Great! I just got back from voting for Yachad. ;-) Everybody I know is voting for Yachad. On the party's fb page someone copied a tweet from some Ynet reporter who said that if the survey they conducted was accurate, Eli Yishai was going to win big. That is IF the election is honest which is still a big "if" in my book. Also, I noticed that at the end of an article quoting a BY MK claiming no Yachad supporters were in evidence at the big right-wing rally in TA, there were about 15 commenters claiming they were either there with others or were planning to vote Yachad in any case. IF the election is honest, it could be a VERY historical election. I almost expect them to announce at the end that Yachad did not cross the threshhold, but that would be impossible.

  3. Sharing a relevant comment seen on another blog...

    By Israeli Woman:

    "Voice on the ground for those interested: The people perceive Netanyahu as too middle of the road. Israel is moving right in the perception of the people, so if enough have their head straight to not believe the propaganda we have been overwhelmed with in the last days you will see a move to the right of Netanyahu- meaning Naftali Bennet and many have hopes that Eli Yishai and Baruch Marzel will make it into the coalition.

    The problem is we have been overwhelmed, and I mean overwhelmed with US taxpayer funded opinion manipulation techniques in the last weeks. Yep, millions of dollars and you funded it without even knowing anything about it. Israel's elections are not affairs like in the US, we don't have the advertising campaigns that you do, it is usually a very straightforward affair- you like a candidate, you vote for his party, you don't, then you don't.

    There have been the most obnoxious ads I have ever seen here, with no identifying info as to who is paying for them, that show common folk complaining about various things (how the price of food has risen, the price of housing, the international business, etc, etc- basically the same problems the rest of the world is facing...) and then emphatically concluding at the end- "It's Netanyahu, these problems are since he has been in office...Netanyahu MUST go." and the spouse looks very solemnly at the other, nods and reiterates emphatically and sadly, "Yes, he MUST GO."

    The polls have been obviously rigged. I know many people who have been contacted by the polls and when they answer with "Yachad" (not even an option given to them in the form they were asked- Yachad is Eli Yishai/Baruch Marzel's party) the pollster doesn't seem to know what to do with the answer. Not surprisingly, Yachad has not even ranked on any of the official "polls" even though everyone I know will be voting for them.

    Another thing you should know about our voting system. We have many parties. You can form a party at a drop of a hat. Many of these parties don't meet the threshold to get in the Knesset, and even if they do they don't make up the coalition that is then formed...so if you want your vote to count you tend to vote for the winning horse so that your vote in the end is not wasted. That means that polls influence people. A LOT. And there is no oversight there, so you have a huge manipulation tool when you fudge the results. If people perceive that no one will vote for Yachad, then they won't either- so their vote won't get wasted.

    The manipulation has been intense. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it here...I could go on. US taxpayer funds are also being used to bus in arabs and left wingers to the polls, to get voter participation up on those sectors- but not in the right wing sector...etc...YOUR tax dollars...

    In short, let's hope that we don't succumb to the illusion that has been created on the ground here in the last weeks, that the people don't support a firm government- because de facto: they overwhelmingly do. Our only enemy today is indifference due to the feeling that our votes won't count. They do."

  4. Meretz chairman Zahava Gal-On spoke about her feelings at the thought that Meretz would not achieve threshold, but that right-wing activist Baruch Marzel might.

    "The thought of this happening makes me want to die. But I do not think it will come to pass," she said to a reporter from Haaretz.

    -a voice in the wilderness

  5. Like 10 agurot, I also feel there is no other party to vote for other than Yachad.
    And like Devash has stated before, if Yachad wouldn't have appeared, I wouldn't have voted at all, and that it's not a matter of glorifying a party or its politicians, but just showing Hashem that you stand with Him.

    Israeli Woman's comment is so interesting. I've also been feeling like Yachad is under subtle attack, like it's being covered up. It reminded me that right when Eli Yishai announced his party, I got a call from a pollster and, true, Eli Yishai's party wasn't even one of the options. But I told her Eli Yishai anyway, and she sounded amused and said it just wasn't on her list. And I said, "But that's who I'm voting for."
    Even that whole thing about Yachad being portrayed as for "working chareidim," rather than a party that supports Torah values makes no sense in light of the fact that the minute Eli Yishai split, a survey showed that 33% of Shas voters went with him -- before his party had a name or platform or anyone mentioned "working chareidim." We all just knew from various sources which politicians best represent halacha. And the fact that many of Yishai's supporters are people of all ethnic and national backgrounds who are bitter and unforgiving (like me) about the Gush Katif geirush -- where has that been mentioned in any media, religious or secular? And for me and many, many others, it's a key reason why we're voting Yachad! I've seen it addressed here and on other frum blogs, but as for the media?

    Anyway, knowing the Erev Rav handlers, I'm sure there will be deceit and shenanigans and the elections won't show the truth of how the Israeli people truly voted, but Hashem knows where each of us stand.

  6. "Analysts have expected an unusually high voter turnout, partly because of the massive foreign-funded campaign aimed at Arab and Bedouin voters, most of whom usually do not vote in Israeli elections."

    Non-Jews should not be allowed to vote!

    - a voice in the wilderness

  7. They have been stealing yachad ballots all over the place. Two men were caught with the ballots as they were exiting. Such thievery. And Deri set up a straw part with letters similar to yachad to confuse voters, kz and nz and they were placed right near each other! Criminals should not be in politics.

  8. In this election we can finally be megaleh es ha"Ketz", with these letters as the logo.

  9. Agree with everything here. Must emphasize also that non-Jews should not have the right to vote in israel! and also agree that 'criminals' should not be in politics, but the makeup of most politicians, that's a stretch! We must only remember that H' is really in control, but showing Him we stand on the right side is the important thing.