25 March 2015

Ben and Jerry's Charoseth-Flavored Ice Cream for Pesach

6 Nisan 5775

This so-called "kosher for Pesach" ice cream is being advertised all over and marketed to a Jewish public who is no doubt completely unaware that it is 'treif' even when it's not Pesach

Torah Jews should never buy Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Our money comes from Hashem and we are responsible for how we spend it and who we support with it. A portion of the money you are giving them is spent to promote and legitimize and even 'sanctify' a particularly heinous sin and to foster pride in that sin. Do you really want to explain to Hashem why you were a contributor???

From the Ben and Jerry's website:
Equality for All is Our Pride and Joy
June is Pride Month, and here at Ben and Jerry’s we’ve been supporting Marriage Equality for over 35 years. Our commitment to the LGBTQ community is grounded in our company’s core values, ....
The page goes on and brags about their deep involvement in promoting this aveirah, but this should be enough to convince you. Please warn others who might not know.

Wishing everyone a very happy and KOSHER Pesach!

(PS: Still in doubt? Just google "ben and jerry's supports gay pride")


  1. They are from Vermont! The most liberal state of all.

  2. Hilarious.."core values" of what? I wouldn't touch it. I stopped eating it over ten years ago..

  3. Sarah Laughs26/3/15 6:29 AM

    So hard to see the truth in this world. They tell us we are crazy or there is something wrong with us mentally if we say homosexuality and abortion is wrong.
    We are not allowed to say it.
    We have to say G-d loves everybody equally. All religions are equal. All religions are right.
    If Eliyahu HaNavi walked into your town today, how long would it take before they had him locked up, medicated and his message to us all compromised?

  4. YWN refused my comment warning the public about this. I have resubmitted it in hopes that they will change their minds because according to the comments following their article which I linked above, a lot of Jews are buying it or plan to buy it!

  5. Something about your previous post warning us to give up all those 'luxuries' our forefathers didn't have is bearing fruit! Ben &Jerrys ice cream is true if and Haagan Daas ice cream is also treif for another reason. Because of the puncturing to the stomach of the cows to relieve their gas, which renders the cow treif. All American cows and European cows experience this procedure. I had to give up my pure Haagan Daas delicious creamy delight because of this. Never liked B&Ts any way! Thought you might like this tidbit.

    (however, homemade parve coconut frozen delight is perfectly ok)