04 February 2015

More Important Matters Await

16 Shevat 5775

The previous posts were written in order to provide a counter-balance to much of the public information available on these subjects. It should be noted that three of the four were not my words, but the words of Rabbi Meir Kahane and Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto. The one which I wrote, which drew the most condemnation, is not inconsistent with anything that these rabbis have written since it is from them, with the help of other rabbis, that I learned these things.

That said, this subject is now closed for further commenting. We've got other more pressing matters awaiting us.

Hope you had a chance to enjoy some of the fruits for which the Land of Israel is praised today!


  1. Another major train derailment in NY. Another plane fell out of the sky in Asia. The world is falling apart.

    On top of that, if you followed it, something very strange happened at the football Superbowl. i won't go into details but for fans of the game it was in explicable and significant. People can't figure it out.

    The explanation is that the world is unraveling in 1000 ways and I believe God is pushing Jews to return to the holy land.

  2. I know from Yahoo that the Superbowl took place this week, but that's the extent of what I know about it. Sounds interesting though. Can you elaborate on it?

  3. So as you know the world is falling apart. Hashem is allowing that to tell all people to repent and to look only to Him. So it's happened in important ways like the economy crashing and the US Fed Reserve handing trillions to banks, ie massive corruption.

    But people don't care about that. They care about sports. So Hashem is making wierd things happen there too. In baseball, many of the most revered players have been shown to be frauds, steroid users. Same with what used to be the greatest cycling champion lance armstrong.

    In football, the top team of the last decade has been caught cheating by deflating balls and this indicts one of the most revered players, their quarterback.

    But another wierd thing happenend. This Superbowl, the most watched ever, came down to the final plays. 40 seconds to go. Seattle makes a crazy wild catch and the ball is on the 5. They are down by 4 points and have 4 chances to score and win. they hand the ball to the fullback. He marches 4 yards to the 1/2 yard line. What should they do next? That's obvious. Hand it to him again. he's the best fullback of the last decade. They can't stop him.

    So what do they do? They call a pass to the inside, a slant pass. And it's intercepted. They lose.

    It was about the dumbest thing they could possibly do. Anyone who knows anything about football is just stunned. It was like a 10 year old called the play.

    now one could say, who cares, this is just a dumb game. And that's true of course. But games are what the world cares about. So what Hashem did matters to people like it matters to a 4 year old if you take his truck.

    it was so illogical, that people can't stop talking about it. One felt dizzy afterward. Why, why?

    Why? Because the world is falling apart in every way. You can't even trust a top coach to call the play a Pop Warner coach knows you should call.

    Hashem can speak any language and talk to anyone on their level. He just did that.

  4. That is an amazing insight, Israel. Thank you so much for sharing it!

  5. To those who just keep heaping scorn, telling me that I only post the comments that agree with me won't get yours published. Any honest person can see that is untrue. And so-called righteous gentiles need not write to reprimand me on my behavior. You have no standard from which to judge and this blog is for Jews, not non-Jews.

  6. Agreed that many strange things are happening.
    And what's the deal with all the Asian airlines? That's 3 bizarre disasters in less than a year, with other underreported crashes.

    On a personal level, within the past 8 months, I experienced the death of two male family members (completely unexpected, no health issues) and one close family friend who was always like family, like a beloved uncle. They were all married to non-Jewish women, 2 of whom underwent trafe "conversions" and think they are Jewish. I've never had anything like this before.

    Finally, that terrible collision in Israel's South which killed and wounded so many bedouins -- they were returning from praying on Har Habayit, which I'm pretty sure means they had engaged in Muslim prayer in that gold-domed mosque. Please correct me if I am wrong....

  7. agreed, Dassie. And it is very scary.