28 October 2014

The 'Business' of Destroying Israel as a Jewish State

5 Marcheshvan 5775

There are so many hands chipping away at the Jewish character of Israel that soon there will be nothing at all left of it if Hashem does not see fit to intervene.

The list of our enemies is long and their modes of operation are many, but the one I'd like to spotlight right now involves what appears to me to be a new growth industry - Jewish/Xian Unity. It's a real money-maker for those promoting it. 

I got an email (h/t Geula Girl) about a group called Galilee Center for Studies in Jewish-Christian Relations. In viewing their introductory video, I came across something interesting. I've posted a clip below in which the "Cultural Attache" from the US Embassy in Israel advocates for this organization and its agenda. 

It's just more proof that the US government is actively involved in undermining the Jewish character of the State of Israel because in their view a "nation of all its citizens" is more in line with American interests in the region.

Be aware and beware...