15 June 2014

Kidnapped Youths Are Kadosh

17 Sivan 5774

Why do I say that?  Because they have been chosen and set apart for a special task - to break the hearts of Jews and bring achdut to Am Yisrael in preparation for the geulah shleimah which HKB"H is anxious to bring.

By all reports, hundreds of thousands of Jews across the entire social spectrum and all across the world are praying for these precious Jewish neshamas. Is this really what it takes for Hashem to wake us up??? We could blame the Pride Week in Tel Aviv and the opening of a beach in Jerusalem, but there is blame enough to go around. Why are these things allowed to go by without an uproar? Year after year and there is no mass outcry, so as in our parshah where we just read that Hashem determined to give us a reason to cry, we now have yet another. If we won't bow to His will and do teshuvah, He will apply more and more force and pressure until we break. 

Today marks one month before the beginning of the Three Weeks leading up to Tisha b'Av - yet again the cycle repeats. Let this mass awakening bring us to complete teshuvah and pave the way for the complete redemption.

Hashem should make His presence felt by the boys in their captivity. He should ease their fears, comfort them and give them peace, as well as their family and friends. And may He be appeased by our outpouring of tefillah and count this massive demonstration of faith as adequate to procure their quick rescue. And determine that the time has come to send us our righteous Mashiach.

A special mass prayer has been scheduled for tonight at 7 pm at the Kotel. Please keep...

Yaakov Naftali ben Rachel Devorah
Gilad Michael ben Bat Galim
Eyal ben Iris Teshurah

...in your prayers until they are returned safe and sound and do some special act of kindness today in their merit. 

See also Jonathan Pollard's Request and JPost's LIVE BLOG: The search for the kidnapped teens.

UPDATE:  Online Tehillim for the Captive Youths

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