28 May 2014

Unrestricted Evil

28 Iyar 5774
Day 43 of the Omer

Lapid to Chareidim: You Will Accept Our Values

...Lapid also addressed his policies vis-à-vis the chareidi tzibur. He explained that “Every chareidi MK who meets with non frum Jews insists the sharing the burden concept will not be successful. However when they speak with one another it is a different story.

...Lapid commented on the agreement reached between the government and Shas’ Mayan Chinuch education network. He stated the coalition will design workable programs and after a great deal of dispute the deal with Shas was made and the school system will include core subject matter such as math and English.

Most of all Lapid stressed the rule has returned to the sovereign government “and we now tell the chareidim these are our values and you will accept them”.

And to continue his mantra, Lapid added that a democratic state cannot tolerate mehadrin bus lines for one does not send women to the back of a bus in 2014. He warns if this is the case “Tomorrow the chareidi tzibur will not have a bus”.

Lapid: “We Need to Evacuate 80-90,000 Settlements”

“There will be an evacuation of settlements and two states,” Yesh Atid Chairman Yair Lapid stated.

...Lapid, who spoke today at the Eilat Bar Association, stated that the move will include the evacuation of 80-90,000 settlements.

...“I am talking about a solution that involves things that will hurt all of us. This will shake all of us,” Lapid stated. “The country will not only change. You and I will be different. This will be the largest tearing apart of this country since the Yom Kippur War. Any other option will be worse.”

But Evil is not restricted to the Left or the Right. It knows no boundaries.

Bennet inaugurates two employment centers for Beduin in Negev

...The Bayit Yehudi head added a personal anecdote, demonstrating his gratitude towards the Beduin: "A Lebanese Bedouin saved my life during my army service, so I also feel a personal debt to the Bedouin community. In the name of the government of Israel, I say that we love you. We will do all we can, in cooperation with you, to integrate yet more Bedouin men and women into the workforce."

...A Beduin a leader told those gathered that he was delighted to meet Bennett for the first time. We are talking about a man who sees no difference between a Jew and an Arab and is just looking to improve the social-economic situation, said the Beduin leader.

Erev Rav one and all.