06 February 2014

The Torah is Offensive

6 Adar Alef 5774

In a world where the truth is offensive, the Torah itself is an offense.

When an Israeli Orthodox MK, addressing concerns about a newly proposed adoption law, stated that Reform Judaism is "not Jewish" and is, in fact, "another religion," Reform and Conservative leaders registered their protest.  The head of the ADL spoke for all of them when he said: 

"...Such views are inappropriate, offensive and unjustified."

Regarding a letter some Israeli rabbis addressed to Secretary of State John Kerry warning of Divine retribution should he continue to forcibly divide the Land of Israel, the OU and RCA condemned it, saying:

"...these rabbis engaged in extreme and offensive rhetoric,...."

When the galut-refined sensibilities of the OU and RCA and ADL and Reform and Conservative are offended by the truth, what does that tell us about them? What does it say about the spiritual health of American Jewry?

Or maybe I should rephrase that.  What does it say about Jewish Americans, for clearly these people are Americans first and their Judaism is secondary to that.  

There are those who sit at one end of the spectrum of Jewish American society and cluck their tongues and shake their heads over the death-spiral of assimilation going on there and yet, they have no clue that their own minds have been assimilated.  

This is a slowly-progressive spiritual disease from which no one is immune.  And there is only one antidote - complete removal from the infectious environment and immersion in Torah.  Like the doctor said, "Take two tablets every day."

Now, if so-called "religious" Jews are taking offense from the truth of the Torah, is it really any wonder that the nations take offense?  

It only takes two steps to go from objecting to the "offense" to wishing to remove the source of the "offense."  And who is that but the bearers of the Holy Torah - the repository of all truth in the world?  

But, while the World of Lies seeks to destroy all Truth in the world so that it will reign supreme, Hashem, the Author of Truth, has already begun the process of its own destruction and elimination.

It is telling that it is Jewish Americans who speak out so forcefully against their "brethren" in Eretz Yisrael and that it is America who his leading the campaign to destroy Israel as the Jewish State.

It is noteworthy that these are Jewish American institutions. America is the greatest exporter of lies on the planet. From whence does Hollywood and its magic of illusion ply its trade if not America - California, to be more precise?  And from where did the assault on children's minds begin, but in America - California, to be precise?  Is it any wonder that California is starving for life itself - water?

The California Drought, As Seen From Space

There is no getting around it.  American 'values' stand in direct contradiction to Torah values.  As the World of Lies dies, what will become of the Jewish Americans?