16 February 2014

The Jewish Idea

16 Adar Alef 5774

We've been talking about Revolutionary Zionism as promulgated by Avraham Stern.  He was very clear from the beginning that he did not view his movement as simply a liberation movement whose raison d'etre would end with the founding of the Jewish State.  Quoting from Zev Golan's book Stern: The Man and His Gang:

...the goals set in the "Principles of Rebirth" are not for the moment: "The great Hebrew nation needs to follow the path of mastery and power till the end of time." He ruled, "The conquest of the homeland and the establishment of sovereignty are the first stage."

Regarding "War and Conquest:"

Principle #5 Education says:  Educating the nation to love liberty and develop a zealous loyalty to its eternal heritage. Inculcating the idea that the fate of the nation is in its own hands. Renewing the understanding that the "book and sword descended together from heaven" (Midrash Vayikra Raba 35:8).

Principle #9 War says: Never-ending war against anyone standing in the way of realizing our destiny.

We are currently engaged in a cosmic battle for the hearts and minds of humanity before the arrival of the Great and Final Redemption for which Avraham Stern sought to pave the way. The weapons for this war are education and information.  It's not for nothing that Hashem saw fit to introduce the Information Age with all its technological tools at this time in history or that we are the reincarnation of the Dor Ha'Deah - the Generation of Knowledge.

Quoting again from Zev Golan's book: "The British did not intend to kill Yair, the man. They wanted to kill "Yair" the thinker...."

It is The Jewish Idea which is embodied in Stern's Principles and which Rav Meir Kahane and Binyamin Ze'ev Kahane, Hashem yinakem damam, which remains the greatest threat to the powers which oppose redemption.

Minds have been virtually enslaved by false and selective teachings masquerading as "Torah."

Yisrael Eldad picked up the fallen "Yair's" torch and carried it the rest of his life.  How appropriate that he was a teacher.  And how appropriate that the enemies of Israel's redemptive destiny would do the same thing to him that they like to do to all the bearers of truth:

...Eldad eventually got a job teaching Bible and Hebrew literature in an Israeli high school, until Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion intervened and had him dismissed. Ben-Gurion was afraid Eldad would imbue the students with his Lehi ideology. Eldad went to court and won, but found few people willing to hire him after Ben-Gurion had labeled him a danger to the state.

...Eldad did not believe that the creation of the state of Israel was the goal of Zionism. He considered the state a tool to be used in realizing the goal of Zionism, which he called Malkhut Yisrael (the Kingdom of Israel). Eldad sought what he referred to as national redemption, meaning a sovereign Jewish kingdom in the biblical borders of Israel, with all the world’s Jews living there, and the Jewish Temple rebuilt in Jerusalem.

Just like with the Lehi and it's leaders, Stern and EldadRav Kahane and his message were marginalized, delegitimized and stigmatized. They raided his facilities and confiscated the books and pamphlets and then they assassinated him along with his son and successor. But, others quietly arose and again picked up the torch and are holding it aloft even until this day, lighting the way for all Jews who seek to know and follow the path of Truth.

They can kill the warriors for the soul of Israel, but they can't kill the Idea - The Jewish Idea.

To be continued...

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