03 February 2014

"John Kerry Solutions, Inc"

3 Adar 5774

Yaalon’s Rear-Guard War By: Moshe Feiglin

...Why are we blaming the Americans and John Kerry? After all, we have put our country’s heartland up for sale on the auction block – now, apparently, in exchange for money. All that Kerry is doing is conducting negotiations over the price of the merchandise.


  1. Hi Devash: Does this come to a head around Pesach, or does this drag on until after the Congressional Midterms in November when Obama/ Kerry no longer have to worry about any political consequences? G-d forbid that this should drag on. The Chilul HaShem and the bloodshed from terrorist attacks are too much to stomach. We need it to come to a head now, not later. There are simanim though that the Ba'al Kerry wants this to drag on though...yuck.

    1. He has not yet made his official announcement about his imposed solution.
    2. He seems desirous to use economic warfare against us in the interim...before sending NATO troops.

    G-d forbid that this drags on past Pesach. We should daven for this to come to a head now.

  2. Martin Indyk bragged that the "interim framework" will be ready in weeks. I have no idea. And it looks like this is never going to end. Like a bottomless pit.

  3. I guess the key thing in all this is that HaShem has given his simanim that He is ready even if others are not. His nine month warning of impending childbirth was issued with 4 x 26 prisoner releases of the most scuzzy and brutal murderers. We are told in the prophets and in the Gemorrah that the nine month process is supposed be like hell on earth So instead of bringing rivers of blood upon us, He is having us release murderers who have already quenched the soil with rivers of our blood. To show that He alone is behind the nine months, He has ordained that there be 4 (number of letters in HaShem's Name) x 26 (gematriah of HaShem) such releases. The entire notion of releases of butchers first appeared in the Press just before Tu B'Av. I specifically remember an article from the 14th of Av mentioning there would be 82 or 86 murderers released from jail. Netanyahu's "heavy hearted" letter to the public of specifically mentioning that there would be 4 x 26 releases was written Motzei Shabbat on the 21st of Av. From either perspective, nine months later is Pesach. This is as much as I can take to be honest.

    If this drags on, I might need to go to Steven Harper's home province of Alberta to visit BANFF for some R and R in the mountains. At least in Calgary, I will be visiting amongst righteous gentiles who voted for him. Sane people, who understand that forty miles from one side of one's country to the other in a hostile neighborhood is a bare minimum for survival, are rare here. I don't want to live in Western Canada (Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba). I just want to import their sanity.

  4. I should mention that the R and R in the Canadian Rockies would last about a month this summer just to recharge my batteries and to be with a sane and decent majority for one month. I met some Kadima voters down in Eilat about 2 1/2 years ago. It was horrid. I try to stay far away from Tel Aviv in order to remain as sane as possible.

    Yet, I pray that this trip is unnecessary and that we see evidence of HaShem's Redemption by Pesach/ end of Nisan.