15 January 2014

The Ugly Israeli

14 Shevat 5774

Ever look at Israeli news broadcasts? It's the only glimpse I get of "the other side." The "Israelis." They are like foreigners. They resemble nothing that I know. It's like we are living in two different realities. I can't even put myself in their place and see from their perspective. There is no brotherhood between us. They have no Jewish heart - no compassion for Jews. They might as well be a different species altogether. We see it and they see it, too - the difference between us. They mimic the goyim and not the best of them, but the worst of them.

Media Man: I 'Smiled' at Sight of Beaten Settlers

...[An] article in Maariv-NRG, where Zaresky is a frequent contributor, is devoted to Zaresky's confession that he was happy to see young Jews badly beaten by Arab villagers at Kusra, in Samaria, last week.

The ugly Israelis - no Jews among them.