16 December 2013

Responding to YWN Mailbag

13 Tevet 5774

In response to: YWN Mailbag: ‘The Prime Minister is Out of Touch’

I wrote the following...

I understand that you were very worried and uncomfortable when you wrote this, but surely you know, at some level, that this storm and the resulting damage was not the handiwork of the Prime Minister. You found a good excuse - his being "out of touch" - to throw all your frustrations onto the Prime Minister, but seriously, your litany of complaints were nothing he could have done anything about. There are two who were responsible for your situation being what it was - HKB"H and YOU.

Take this experience as a hard wake-up call (the softer ones had all gone unheeded). Stop thinking it's someone else's responsibility to take care of you and your family. Don't fall into the trap of thinking things will always be nice and comfortable and business as usual. Sure, the weather has never been like this in our lifetimes, but we are under constant threat of war. Did you never imagine that public services could be disrupted by a full-scale war? Did you never imagine that Iran might explode an EMP weapon over our heads and send us back to the stone age?

This is perhaps your last warning to take responsibility for your own and your family's welfare and prepare for the worst that could happen. Be prepared to live in this land as our forefathers did for the past 4,000 years before the modern era. This was their daily norm!

Having accustomed ourselves to so much ease and comfort, it will be difficult, but HKB"H will see us through.