25 November 2013

Hanukah is Coming!

22 Kislev 5774

As shared by Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi on his Facebook page:

Chanuka is characterized by the motif of light. These are the unique spiritual facets of light: Light is the first thing that was created after the creation of the Heavens and the Earth; A little bit of light pushes away a lot of darkness; light does not struggle against darkness; When light appears - darkness goes away on its own accord; Darkness has no reality of its own; Darkness is merely the absence of light. The same holds true in the natural order of life. Sadness, depression, devastation and despair - all exist only when there is an absence of light and when there is no joy. Once the light appears – these negative feelings fade away on their own.


When the Hasmoneans celebrated the dedication of the Temple, they passed on the Chanuka candles to the hand of every father in Israel so that he would educate his daughter to be a “Mini Temple” and the members of his family to raise a candle to the Will of Hasem (G-d). Chanuka is thus renewed every year until the dedication of the Third Holy Temple in the future. Every year every father and his family stand around the chanukia (menora) holding a candle that has been passed down to him since that first Chanuka dedication in the Temple. The children gaze upon their father as he raises the flame and lights the chanukia, and so too many more generations will also raise the flames whose fire will never be extinguished, the fire which symbolizes the Spirit. The attraction of the Greeks, of false externalities, threatens our generation and deprives our Jewish homes from the spirit of Torah which is the core of the Jewish heart and home. The “offspring” of the Greeks are trying to mislead our youth, but the flame illuminating from the glass windows of our homes is a testament that the light of Faith and Truth still reigns.

Just three more days!!

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