25 September 2013


21 Tishrei 5774
Hoshanah Rabbah/
Erev Shmini Atzeret

Yesterday, large groups of people, including school children, came from all over the country, prepared to ascend to Judaism's holiest place. Then, inexplicably and without prior warning, the gates were slammed shut - by the evil regime aka the government of Israel.

Today, when everyone has gone home to prepare for tonight's festival of Shmini Atzeret, they cynically open it up again. "Come, Jews, come. It's alright now, the Arabs are still up here throwing stones at the police so there is obviously no security problem with you coming up now. The gates are open for you."

Three days ago, when the soldier was murdered in Hevron, the Prime Minister announced: "Whoever tries to uproot us from the city of our forefathers will achieve the opposite. ...We will continue to fight terrorism and hit the terrorists with one hand, and we will continue to strengthen the settlement enterprise with the other hand.”

According to a Haaretz report: "Shortly after midnight on Sunday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent a text message to journalists announcing his intention to allow Jewish settlers to return to a contested house in Hebron, as a response to the fatal shooting earlier on Sunday of an Israeli soldier in the West Bank city."

Today: Govt. Clarifies: No Order to Resettle Hevron Home

The evil regime is playing a shell game with the People of Israel - giving here and taking away there.  It's all an illusion. In the end nothing has changed whatsoever.  But, you know what?  The people are no longer fooled by this calculated deception.  We are on to their game.  And you know what else?  HKB"H is not amused.  Nobody plays games with Him.

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  1. I'm not sure they know that they're playing games, though. That would mean that they actually believed in The Almighty.

    Their understanding of Him is distorted at best, thinking that they really can get away with whatever THEY think is best.