07 August 2013

The "Hordes" Are Preparing Their "Attack"

1 Elul 5773
Rosh Chodesh

Anyone who reads here regularly, knows that the Xian world wants Israel badly and they know how far the inroads have been made in preparation for taking it. You don't need to hear it from Binyamin Golden:

...the Christians also want this place. They want the Temple Mount as well as Mount Zion, Hashem should protect us. But, Mashiach is not theirs! And they can't take it by force. Hashem will defeat them. There's nothing to worry about.

One thing you do have to know about the Xians is that to them, there is nothing holy. That's how they can create a logo like the one pictured above that shows the Western Wall of the Holy Temple connected to the Alamo, a Texas shrine, which was originally a Catholic mission. (I made a scale model of the entire complex for a 7th grade Texas history class.)

I find it more than a little ironic that this Catholic (Roman) mission should have been chosen to represent the Eisavian Xians.  Subconciously, they understand who they really are - still trying to snatch back the birthright from Ya'aqov.

Here is the text that accompanies the picture:
[Internal emphasis mine.]

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You Need To Go To Israel - And You Need To Do It Soon
Posted by Mike Isley on Wed, Jun 26, 2013

It's very important that you think about this now! The next three years are going to be very important for God's people. You need to go to Israel to experience it for yourself. The time for thinking about it has passed. Now is the time to go.

Here is some motivation for you! Jesus wants you to go to Israel. This is not the blue-eyed white guy Jesus that you see in old paintings. This is the Jewish Jesus who was a Rabbi, who kept Kosher, and who taught the Torah. [sic] Israel was his place of human birth and the land that God promised the people of Israel will dwell forever. It is where the Messiah will return. It is where you need to go.

The World. It is changing!! I hate to break the news to you but you are getting old! Every birthday brings another year to an end. Waiting another year makes no sense. What is really keeping you from getting off your butt and going to Israel??!! The answer is: Not a darn thing!

This weekend I was with one of the greatest groups of people on the planet: HaYovel!! Look these guys up on the Internet. Tommy Waller and his family have been helping and supporting the small independent farmers in Israel for the past nine years. They do this with education, tourism and activism. I consider the Waller family some of my best friends!!

Biblical prophecy begins and ends in the heart of the Promised Land. If you want to be part of that Biblical prophecy, you need to go to Israel. You can do something big for the Lord by going to harvest this year or next. Get a plan together and get going!!

I have been on harvest and it changed my life!! I have drunk the wine from the hills of Samaria. That is the wine that, one day, the Messiah will drink at the great reunion in Jerusalem for all His Believers!! You have to experience this for yourself.

In Matthew 26:29 Jesus says “But I say to you that I shall not drink again from this fruit of the vine until the day in which I shall drink it with you new in the Kingdom of my Father.” What if you were among the workers, who picked the grapes, of the winery from which the Messiah picks that big bottle of wine??!! Now, that would be kind of cool!! Have you ever thought about that??

I am telling you that now is the time when you need to think about it. It all starts with going to the Promised Land. It is the land of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. It is the place where you need to visit to become a part of emerging Biblical prophecy.

Join Texans for Israel. Let us be your connection to what is happening in Israel. Let us bring you closer to the promised land and the chosen people.

They would have no foothold in our land whatsoever, if certain Jewish community leaders and rabbis were not assisting them.  (Some of them are mentioned in the following article.)

(Google "Texans" on the Jewish Israel website for much more on this nefarious group of Xian infiltrators).