30 August 2013

Revelations - It's the Energy of Redemption

24 Elul 5773

Someone once said, "Nations do not have friends, they have only interests."  A red-headlined story on Drudgreport this morning illustrates this very well.

Leaked documents reveal US sees Israel as a major spying threat...

The Obama administration views Israel as one of the top spying threats facing its intelligence services, leaked documents reveal.

A secret budget request obtained by The Washington Post from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden lumps Israel alongside U.S. foes Iran and Cuba as “key targets” for U.S. counterintelligence efforts. The document suggests Israel does not believe U.S. assurances that its interests are aligned with Israel's on crucial issues such as Iran and peace talks with the Palestinians.

...we are investing in target surveillance and offensive CI [counterintelligence] against key targets, such as China, Russia, Iran, Israel, Pakistan and Cuba.

The White House and the Israeli Embassy did not respond to requests for comment.

So, it is finally admitted publicly that when the United States self-righteously and hypocritically condemned Jonathan Pollard to a life sentence for spying on behalf of Israel, it was itself (and continuing to this very day) spying on Israel.  No real surprise there for anyone with half a brain.  Too bad that most Americans don't share half a brain between them.

Let this be a lesson to all those naive Israelis who are still living in a dream world where "the Americans are our best friends."

Note that this was also reported on Israeli websites, but compare it to the Drudgereport and notice the difference in wording...

YNET - Revealed: US Spies on Israel
INN - Israel a Top Target for US Spying


Back here at home, the government may be seeing the beginnings of the biggest crisis in its 65 year history. And again, there is a hidden Pollard connection. Davka, it was because of Jonathan Pollard's revelations to the Israeli government back in the 1980s about the acquisition of lethal gas by Arab countries that the State of Israel began producing and distributing gas masks to its entire civilian population. When Pollard approached his superior about making that information available to Israel, the reply was that "Jews are too sensitive about gas" (an allusion to Zyklon B, the gas used to murder Jews in the death camps during WWII).

No one understands why, a few years ago, the government took up all the gas mask kits and then began redistributing them a few years later without the anti-nerve agent injections of atropine; neither why they only manufactured enough for half the population, nor why they did not make a more concerted effort to get them back into the hands of the public before they told them an attack on Assad of Syria is imminent because he has used sarin gas on his own people and threatens to hit us next.

There were chaotic scenes in Haifa, where an estimated four thousand people lined up from 6am outside the city's sports arena which had been designated as a main regional distribution centre after riots had broken out at small collecting points the day before.

Dehydrated and without adequate shelter from a broiling sun, some shouted at police who strictly controlled entry to the distribution area in an effort to prevent a repeat of the previous day's mayhem.


This situation is occurring everywhere across the country. If, God forbid! there would be a gas attack in some heavily populated area of the country with many casualties, the government may very well not survive it.
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