18 July 2013

War on Another Front - Part 2

11 Menachem Av 5773

(PART 1.)

Ariel University is a democratic Israeli institution of higher education located in the city of Ariel in the Shomron.  Like all such institutions, they do not discriminate based on religion, etc.  Therefore, they pride themselves on the fact that Jews and the Arabs who would murder them and the Xians who would convert them are sitting side by side, learning together in their classrooms. It provides wonderful opportunities for assimilation coexistence.

The following report was written by Geula Girl of Eisav Exposed:

Heartland Studies is a learning program at Ariel University that is open to anyone in the world; however, it is Ephraimites who sign up. They receive a one year visa for this program, instead of the usual three months, and are able to live in the Shomron for a year. Apparently they can sign up year after year which allows them to live here indefinitely.  The program offers Hebrew and Jewish/Israeli history courses and touring.

According to the website:
 Our students live in and among the Jewish cities and villages of Samaria and learn to respect local Jewish customs.  They learn Hebrew in order to deepen their relationships with their neighbors and to read the promises made to Avraham, Yitzak and Yaakov on these very mountains in the Hebrew language.

Ephraimites believe that xians and Jews have to be reconciled and reunited into one people before yeshu will return and that the "promises made to Avraham, Yitzak and Yaakov" apply to them also, including Eretz Yisrael. This is the reason they are coming here any way they can. As Daniel Botkin an Ephraimite teacher put it, they believe in "inclusion theology" not "replacement theology". What they don't tell you is that to be "included" you have to believe in yeshu.   They believe that to do this, xians must "return to Torah and mitzvot" and Jews must accept yeshu as messiah/g-d then we can be one big happy family living in Israel. Once this is accomplished, they believe, yeshu will return to rule over us from Jerusalem.  It should also be pointed out that they consider the Oral Torah to be something created by the Rabbis; therefore, it must be done away with.

The Heartland Studies offers a "mini-course" of 3 weeks but there is an added bonus with this program.
Our mini-course students will enjoy living and learning on Mount Geruzim in the Jewish village of Har Bracha.

Wow!  With Hayovel volunteers and Heartland students, Har Bracha must have xians living there at all times.

How do I know these are Ephraimites?

From the Ephraimite website, Sighted Moon, Joseph Dumond writes:
The past couple of weeks we have been letting you know why we need to be planning to head back home to Israel, but one of the major problems we still have amongst many others, is the language.

Two years ago a number of people organised a Hebrew teaching course at Ariel University in the heart of Israel in the West Bank. I even gave money to make sure the course got started.

It is being marketed to Ephraimites.

Wanda Barr, a student, writes:
I had heard about the Heartland Studies Program from Eddie Chumney’s YouTube video.
Eddie Chumney is an Ephraimite teacher/leader who was involved with Joel Bell in the Worldwide Biblical Zionist scam that was supposed to pave the way for millions of xians to settle in Israel. (See 2009 post here.)

The Heartland Studies program was presented in 2011 at the L'Chaim Ephraim Succot Festival run by Rimona and Ephraim Frank, known missionaries and long-time residents of the Shomron.  Ramona is an Israeli Jew who believes in yeshu and Ephraim, her husband, is a goy who believes in yeshu. They have been involved with Ephraimite teaching since its inception. Their blog is called Shevet Achim.

From a letter posted on an Ephraimite website written by former Heartland student Barb Hemphill:
We have been especially blessed to have Stephen and Virginia Spykerman in our community and to have Stephen give us many teachings. I will admit that it might be very hard to live here without that and not knowing the language. Now that we are getting a grasp on the language and greet and talk to the citizens here, we are finding them much more friendly and chatty, but at first it was a bit difficult for sure.
Israelis are not outwardly friendly people by nature but once you get to know them and they feel comfortable with you they are truly wonderful and friendly and helpful. It is very easy to learn to love our Jewish brothers here! I know I am going to miss them.
I should also mention other teachers that have come to visit and speak with us, Rico Cortez, Ephraim and Ramona Frank, Jim Barfield (Copper scroll project), Tommy Waller and Avi ben Mordechai will be visiting us very soon. So we have received a lot of spiritual meat too!

As mentioned above Stephen Spykerman was not only a student, but he has written several books based on Ephraimite theology including Christians and Jews: The Two Faces of Israel.  He is also listed as a teacher on the Ephraimite website Jerusalem Calling, which also links to Avraham Feld's Kol Hator page.

Rico Cortez is one of the more famous teachers/leaders in the Ephraimite movement.  He claims to be from Sefardic Jewish descent, of course there is no proof of this.
Ephraim and Ramona Frank are Ephraimite leaders living in Israel as stated above.

Avi Ben Mordechai is an Ephraimite teacher/leader who lives near Afula. His statement of faith:

The Two Houses of Israel - ”Ephraim” and “Judah,” as taught in Ezekiel 37, is a valid teaching. “Gentiles” that wish to join themselves to the corporate body of Israel are to be welcomed in but they must agree to observe the commandments of the Holy Written Torah and walk in the Ruach of YHWHin order to connect to the blessings and to the promised inheritance that belongs to all Israel through YHWH’s promised Covenant to all Israel. Gentiles who say that they are Israel but do not believe that they have to keep and do the commandments that were given to the collective and corporate body of Israel are essentially stealing from YHWH and all Israel; forcefully taking the blessings and leaving behind the responsibilities of those blessings. Sound biblical doctrine teaches that blessings come as a result of living by faith in the Ruach which is always understood to be living by faithfulness to the Word.

Concerning the land of Israel, it is the promised inheritance for all twelve families of Jacob forever, IF THEY KEEP THE COVENANT of YHWH. This includes any foreigner who joins himself or herself to the people of Israel (see Isaiah 56). Together, at some future date, we will all live in a very different and new, and expanded Eretz Israel during the reign of YHWH through His Messiah – ben David. Again, this is the inheritance of the people of Israel ON CONDITION that they walk in the promised Covenant as it was given to all Israel at Mount Sinai. There will be no inheritance (physical or spiritual) for those who will not hear and do the Covenant, or for those who seek to replace or supersede those teachings with the commandments of men. This was confirmed by Yeshua in Matthew 7:21-23 and Matthew 5:17-20.

From the Heartland Studies website:

   By Frank Mecklenburg, freelance journalist
    November 29, 2011
Leah Ziv of the Har Bracha Settlement in Samaria is known as the Mother of Widows. She herself was the first widow of Har Bracha who was widowed when a terrorist killed her husband while he was on guard duty. During the 25 years that she has lived in Har Bracha she has been providing aid and comfort to other widows in the community. She is a working mother of ten children and does not have time to harvest the olives from their trees planted by her second husband ten years ago. Also because her husband is a fulltime bus driver, he does not have much time to devote to the olives.
This year because they were worried that the olives would go to waste they advertized in Har Bracha for volunteers. When Rivka Eliron who teaches Modern Hebrew at Ariel University Center (AUC) saw the request for volunteers, She told her students about the opportunity to volunteer harvesting olives.

So this afternoon sixteen foreign students from Ariel University Center and their families traveled to Har Bracha in a chartered sheroot to harvest olives for three hours. The result was seven bags of olives in Leah’s car to be taken to an Itamar olive factory where oil is made. She then sells the oil. 

Leah said, “I so appreciate what you have done and I want to thank you so much.” She also said, “When the olives are ready they need to be harvested and it must be done before they are ruined by the heavy rains or remaining on the trees too long. If we had more volunteers to help us with the olive harvest then enough could be harvested to add even more for income for the families.”

The volunteer students are part of the Heartland Studies program at Ariel University Center chaired by Mr. Kobi Pinhasov. The group was made up of one couple in their early 70s, five other pensioners, four middle-aged adults, three teenagers, and two primary school age children. No matter what age they as a team worked outdoors with a beautiful view of the Itamar Settlement and the beautiful hills of Samaria.

I really don't understand how religious Jews can justify making money off of free labor provided by children and old people, even if they are idolaters.

There is a lot of crossover between the Messianic movement and the Ephraimite movement because most Ephraimites were previously messianics.  Gentiles in the Messianic movement got tired of feeling like second class citizens to the born Jews within the movement so the Ephraimite theology, which claims Jew and Gentile are equal within the "commonwealth of Israel", was born.

(PART 3)


  1. ah perhaps I answered my own question (partially because does the Zealot still have to wait for moshiach in flesh to act) regarding the Zealot (from reading the article in full)-

    The true zealot is an utterly selfless individual -- one who is concerned only about the relationship between G-d and His people, with no thought for his own feelings on the matter. The moment his personal prejudices and inclinations are involved, he ceases to be a zealot.

  2. The Lubavitcher Rebbe said that we are the generation that left Mitzrayim and traveled to Har Sinai and became Torah Jews there. Among these people were Egyptian converts.

    The very early xtians were Jews that moved away from observance and joined the group that followed J. They believed they were still Jews but that they didn't need to fulfill all of the Jewish customs.

    Our generation is a reincarnation of the souls that left Egypt.

    It doesn't sound so strange to me that some xtians want to rejoin the Jewish entity; however, they are still slinging to J.

    I believe the arrival of Moshiach will straighten everything out; they will have to make the divine choice at that time as to which side of the fence they want to stay. There are also Jews who might find out that their link to our Avos and Imahos was broken many year ago, even tho they are living as religious Jews today.

    There will be much sifting in the final days. Sometimes things are not always what they appear to be.

    I hope you don't mind I share this with you.

  3. Neshama, if you're saying these Ephraimites are souls of the Erev Rav from the Diaspora who are trying to attach themselves to us as they did when we went out from Mitzrayim, I wouldn't be a bit surprised.

  4. Goldie - I'm not sure where you live, but if you are here in Israel, there are real concrete things you can do. The main thing is to make rabbis and community leaders aware of this situation and inform the public and encourage everyone to bring pressure to bear to change the situation on the ground. I and others have been doing this for years with some good results. I should tell you that we prevented this group from integrating into Kfar Tapuach by simply making the community rabbi aware and then he took a strong stand and his community supported his decision. Unfortunately, in Har Brachah, the situation is reversed. The rabbi won't hear a word against it and Jews living there got up and moved rather than live with xians. It's a war for hearts and minds and the weapons are truth and information and education, especially as regards the halachot of dealing with gentiles in Eretz Yisrael.

  5. would love to be in Israel now, Devash. SOON though - perhaps maybe even in your area. When we get there - I will certainly get in touch with you.

  6. Devash
    Actually I was intimating that these could be the early Jews who went over to the early xtians. There were many splinter groups at the time, and xtianity resembled then nothing like what it turned into, at the hands of the (Jewish) Paul, and the zealots that infiltrated their group and were able to further disengage them halachicly from authentic Judaism of the time.

  7. very sad to read all this devash.as a sincere noahide , this is so terrible.

  8. No time now. I'll try to comment further after Shabbat. Shabbat shalom l'kulam.