10 July 2013


4 Menachem Av 5773

Judea and Samaria - Yehuda and Shomron - are the very heart of our ancient homeland and heritage. It's the place where Avraham Avinu and Sarah Imeinu first entered the Promised Land. It's where the Tribes of Israel, freshly freed from servitude in Egypt, first crossed over to begin settling the Land of Israel. It's where the Tabernacle stood, in Shilo, for 369 years before the Temple was built and where King David ruled, in Hevron, for seven years before Jerusalem was conquered. It was in this place that our forefathers received the great promise from the Creator of the World: "Unto you and to your seed will I give this land." For this reason, Judea and Samaria are under threat today from our three ancient enemies – the Erev Rav, Yishmael and Eisav.

1) The Erev Rav are working day and night to give this land to our enemies, wanting only to be rid of the national mission and destiny that go with it.

2)  Yishmael is working day and night to rip it from us and create in it another murderous Arab country, wanting only to use it as a launching pad for taking it all.

3)  Eisav comes from two directions most commonly referred to as "left" and "right."  On the "left," they condemn us and boycott us and outright hate us without shame.  In their hearts, they wish that Hitler, y"sh had finished the job. However, on the "right," they claim to love us and support us to the extent that they want to absorb us - assimilate us.  But, the end result is still the same - annihilation, G-d forbid!

Each of these threats is well-perceived and well-understood by most Jews, all that is except the last one. The threat posed by the "right" hand of Eisav is simply unrecognized by most Jews.  And that creates a danger for us all.

Take, for example, the most visible face of 'Messianic'-Christian activity in Israel - the Waller Family and their HaYovel Ministries.  I've written about them before on this blog: "Why Isn't Every Jew an Anti-Missionary?"  When that blog post was written, they had increased their volunteer force from 36 to 100.  Today, they are bragging that in just a few weeks' time, they will be bringing in 500 volunteers - read "missionaries."  Yesterday, I listened, with nausea, to one of their teachers describe how in the course of a recent visit to Jerusalem, he had openly missionized Jews at some particular intersection.  He tells how when he told his friend Tommy Waller about it, Waller reportedly said "Man, you need to hang out at that intersection more."

However, this is nothing new... regrettable... tragic..., but not new.  What is new, in this generation, and a fact with which you may not be fully conversant is their "tribal" claim to the land in Samaria. When the Jews for J- group became over-saturated with Gentiles, not being Jewish, they began to feel like second-class citizens.  Along came a new 'prophetic' teaching that really appealed to their Eisavian ego - the so-called 'Messianic' Gentiles were in reality Israelites from the Ten Lost Tribes.  Wait, let me correct that.  Those who invented and propagated this lie were Americans, so, of course, they weren't descended from just any tribe, but the far 'superior' tribe of Joseph whose tribal portion is found in Ephraim; hence, they began calling themselves Ephraimites.  (See my video on the subject.)

Over the last fifteen years, an entire theology has been developed on this subject.  You can do that, you know, if you are already practicing a humanly-invented religion. Tommy Waller, his financial supporters (did you really think they worked for free?) and his volunteers participate in 'Messianic' Christian worship with open missionaries in Eretz Yisrael and associate with those who hold this belief. (You should also be aware that Tommy Waller is settling his kids here on a permanent basis.  They dress like settlers, speak Hebrew and they are already raising the next generation, no doubt to believe this land is theirs.)

They like to speak of "reconciliation" between Joseph and his brother Judah.  When they spell it all out, Ephraim must give up the Church's traditional pagan accouterments and swap them in for Judaic ritual.  (Nothing with them is ever more than skin-deep.) Instead of the New Testament, now it's the Brit Chadashah with a tallit thrown around it to make it kosher.  They speak of equality, love between brothers, breaking down the walls that separate us... in a word - assimilation.  But, it's even worse, because they don't just want to absorb us until there is no discernible difference between us and them.  They want us to become them.  Because, at the end of the day, how does Judah make amends to his 'brother' Joseph?  Why, he admits his "historical error" of having rejected J- as messiah at his first coming.  G-d forbid!

They want to obfuscate the primary issue by making our differences one of mere opinion about who is the messiah, when, in truth, the unbridgeable gap is really about who is and who cannot be G-d.

Getting back to the land issue.  These people who are coming to work the land every spring and fall are smiling into their Jewish hosts faces, all the time thinking:  "This land that I'm working is really mine by Biblical right.  I wonder where these Jews are going to live when I come to claim my birthright."

Is this too fantastic for you?  Who in their right minds would think like this?  Who in their right mind would believe in a religion like Christianity or Islam in the first place?  Once a person has bought into the lie, there is no end to the ability of a mind to deceive itself.

I realize this is long and I apologize for that. It's a very complex subject which requires a lot of background information.  For that reason, I will place corroborating quotes at the end.  You can always come back to it when you have more time or need the reference.

While we're on this subject, I would be remiss if I did not share with you this really beautiful video demonstrating how beautiful the land is that G-d has given us.  If you Jews in chutz laaretz don't want it, there are others who do - enough to kill your brothers to get it - by one method or another; through hate or through 'love.'

With thanks to Ezra Ridgley for this work of love for the Land and People of Israel:

The Spring of Judea and Samaria
(See his book here.)
Quotes from an "Ephraimite" at 10losttribes.com

...The Jews cannot give away this strategic high ground. They have built roads but in other regards they have not greatly developed the heartland of the Shomron because it is reserved for Ephraim [i.e. these Ephraimites]

...The Messiah and the descendants of Joseph are still persecuted and rejected by the religious leaders of Judah even as Joseph was rejected by Judah and his brethren many years ago. The very harshness in Judah that led to the division of the ten tribes of the House of Israel from the House of Judah still exists today. It doesn't matter if you follow Torah or not. Yeshua is the problem.

...There came a time when Judah had to leave his land out of necessity in order to reach reconciliation with his brother Joseph. Pray that this reconciliation will happen before the Jews are forced to flee Joseph's land, the land of Shomron. God has given this territory to Judah at present as a sacred trust. [i.e. we are saving it for them.] And they have been faithful in many ways. But to persecute the descendants of Joseph to whom the Shomron was given puts the Rabbinic leaders in the Shomron in a very bad position. It puts them in the very eye of judgement at the very time that judgement is coming,....

... Reconciliation is already beginning with the increasing links between Jews and bible believing Christians. This cannot be stopped but rather it will accelerate. The author of this rapprochement is Yeshua. He is drawing the two houses [i.e. Jews and Xians] together. And it can be a messy business reuniting a hurt and broken family. Many things need to be discussed. There are false understandings of Torah and Messiah on both sides. It's like surgery, it can be painful for all involved as the collective body of Jacob comes together. There will be one house made of two. Two trees bound to the lamb of God, the word of God, the Torah made flesh [i.e. Yeshu].

...We for our part cannot disown the Messiah for the sake of brotherhood, the Messiah is not negotiable. ... It is Messiah Yeshua that breaks the wall of partition between Jew and Gentile including the lost tribes. ...We may not be in agreement in all parts of theology, but they, the Jewish settlers, have every right to be there as opposed to the Arabs. God promised the land to all 12 tribes of Israel. And Judah comes to the land first. So they are even holding the land for Ephraim before he returns too.

The Jewish people in the state of Israel are holding Ephraim's land for him, that is, the land of Samaria, or the Shomron in Hebrew. ...Ephraim will look to the highway and turn to his ancient cities when he has no place else to go. Once Ephraim's cities in the USA, Canada, Britain, Australia and New Zealand are destroyed he will turn! He will have no place to go but home. ...Soon large numbers of Ephramites will return to their land. The roads will be thick with bible believers [Yeshu worshippers] from America, Australia etc. Houses will be rapidly built and the hills will be alive to Israelite Music.


  1. "Researcher claims [Genetic] proof of tribe of Ephraim in India" (Source: Jpost.com)

    "Malihabad’s Israeli connection" (Source: THE TIMES OF INDIA)

    Bene Ephraim's claim to, m, Efrayim sorta makes sense, in lieu of the exilic proximity of B'nei Menashe, Bene Israel (largely Levites also from Hodu: Pakistan, then India, after partition), Afghan Jews (who claim to be descendants of Shevet Binyamin), Persian Jews (also Benjamites), Kurdish Jews (likewise Benjamites), and, by extension (based on a linguistic connection to Judeo-Persian) Caucasian Jews. You'll notice a geographic cluster of B'nei Rachel, of sorts, but these communities are largely sheltered.

    Such things is of no concern to the Nations.

    As for "Messianic" Zionists, if they're serious about defending Israel, then perhaps they should be sent as volunteers to Gaza, since their warmongering tendencies are very Gadite-esque (as per a Tzfat Rabbi, Gaza will be allocated to the descendants of Gad). Besides which a majority of Western(ized) Zealouts are G.I.s [Ginger~Ignoramuses].

  2. B"H - Well said Tomer Dvorah, thank you!
    There is one half of a phrase I don't agree with: "Each of these threats is well-perceived and well-understood by most Jews, all that is except the last one..".
    I would say the erev rav is dangerously not perceived either, otherwise people won't get involved with Israeli politics in general and voting for kneset, favoring this or that political part-y in particular: Many fall to propaganda and don't see through the widespread deception.

  3. You have a point, Ariel. Thank you.

  4. why arent the missionaries stopped . why are they allowed to come in.

  5. why are the missionaries allowed to enter. i am not living there, but from where i live, there are missionaries coming there with the sole intent of converting jews. and yet they are given visas. min d boggling.

  6. B"H - Because the State of Israel is NOT Jewish. By "State" I mean the sum of its institutions, not the people or the land.

  7. Well written.
    The Waller family and other missionaries truly rile me up and I am davening to HaShem to get us back home today - I would love to settle next door to the Wallers - I know their game plan - been there, done that.

  8. 10 rainbow - I'm sorry to say that money figures into it prominently. Christian tourism is a major staple of the economy and many politicians have taken money form outside sources for their political campaigns.

    PM Binyamin Netanyahu was the one who was isntrumental in setting up the "Christian Allies Caucus" which is a Knesset lobby for Christian interests in Israel.

    Also, there is heavy diplomatic pressure from the US and EU for Israel to observe the western democratic norms of allowing all religions to freely practice their faith which for Christians includes allowing them to "share" it.

    As Chabad likes to say: "We need Mashiach NOW!"