16 June 2013

The Kedusha of Eretz Yisrael is Under Assault...

8 Tamuz 5773

...like never before.

 Now the Erev Rav are showing their true colors. Nobody with a real Jewish neshama who is connected to the Creator and His Holy Torah could do the things that they are trying to do here.

Jewish Home Set to Veto Same-Gender Marriage Law

The Jewish Home is expected to exercise its right to veto any religious legislation it opposes and prevent the proposal of the Justice Ministry to allow members of the same gender to register for marriage.

Efrayim Holtzberg, activist for the sanctity of the Land of Israel explained to A7, "This is absolutely essential. We are meant to be G-ds Light unto the Nations. even Queen Elizabeth refused such a proposal saying she was committed to upholding the Set of Values presented in the Bible."

Same-Gender Marriage Registration Proposal Retracted

Following the request of the PM to promote legislation of same-gender marriage registration only with consent of all coalition members, the Justice Ministry decided Sunday to retract its request to put the proposal to a Constitution Committee vote.

Earlier it was reported that the Jewish Home was expected to veto the proposal, exercising its right to block any religious legislation it opposes.

And just in case anyone reading this thinks I'm just another "homophobe," I'll have you know that I feel the exact same way about 'Pride' parades and 'marriage registration' for adulterers. These are shameful sins which destroy society and are nothing to be proud about. The Torah prescribes the same 'remedy' for adulterers as it does for homosexual acts. The "hidden" things are for Hashem to judge, but those brought into the open become a matter for the public. (Devarim 29:28)

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