24 June 2013

An Unremitting Cycle of Sorrow

16 Tamuz 5773

We are standing on the eve of the beginning of the Three Weeks - 17 Tamuz until 9 Av - which have traditionally been a time period full of troubles, tragedies and sorrows for the Jewish People.   Looks like we got a head start on it this year.  I can't help but wonder if it has anything to do with the sinat chinam rampant in the politcal life of our nation.

When you are fasting tomorrow, remember the widows and orphans of these budding young men who died too soon. We must weep and repent for whatever part we have played and pray: Hashem have mercy and bring a complete end to the tragedies of these days!

Tragedy: Builder Falls to his Death

A tragedy took place in Samaria Sunday (16.06.13). Eliran Amar, 25, a resident of Elon Moreh and a father of four, fell to his death from scaffolding at a construction site in his home town.

Amar was very badly wounded, and Magen David Adom teams made every effort to save him, but failed. A doctor pronounced him dead at the scene of the accident.

Police have begun to investigate the incident.

The Samaria Regional Council said that Eliran “worked at building the Land of Israel as a construction worker in the Har Kabir company. The Samaria Regional Council and Elon Moreh grieve over his early death.”

Most construction work in Israel is carried out by Arabs from Judea and Samaria orforeign workers from China and elsewhere. In recent years, however, there is a growing wave of firms that rely on Jewish labor only, as an ideological approach.Entire neighborhoods are being built in accordance with this approach.

Man Who Fell into Well and Died: Hillel Rudich, 32

The man who fell into a well Friday (21.06.13) in Judea and was killed is Hillel Rudich z"l, 32, of Tekoa. His funeral will take place at 9:00 a.m. Sunday, at the Tekoa cemetery.

Police have determined that there was no foul play in the tragic death.

Rudich went with his children to the Hariton Cave near the community for a hike. He tried to pull a play ball out of the well, but lost his footing and fell into the well.

Another hiker found the children crying and called the security forces. Several hours later, divers from the Etzion Rescue Unit succeeded in extricating the body from the water.

Beitar Ilit: Torah Scholar Collapses and Dies at Age 39

Funeral services are scheduled for Monday afternoon (24.06.13) for Rabbi Rephael Avraham Shmuel Kibovitz of Beitar Ilit, southwest of Jerusalem, who died Monday morning. The funeral procession will start from his home.

The 39-year-old Torah scholar complained of shortness of breath during the early-morning hours and the family ordered a taxi to take him to a Jerusalem hospital but he got worse as time went on and collapsed and died en route, in the presence of his wife and daughter.


  1. I read about these yesterday and it was very difficult to fall asleep that night. Those poor families. The thought of the children crying when their father fell into the well and they were completely helpless. They will have this picture in their minds for all their days.

  2. feel very sad to read all this. i have been taught that every jew is a light to the world. its so sad to see these lights leave us. blessings,theresa