21 May 2013


13 Sivan 5773

"Lately, tornado activity in America has been Jekyll-and-Hyde weird, and scientists are unsure if climate change has played a role in recent erratic patterns."

What is it really going to take to wake people up to the fact that the Creator of All is still in control of it all?

Power Of Moore Tornado Dwarfs Hiroshima Atomic Bomb

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1 comment:

  1. A 2 mile wide tornado with massive devastation will eventually be designated an EF-5 tornado on the Enhanced Fujita scale. In the lingo of storm and tornado chasers of the United States, an F-5 tornado is the "Finger of G-d". I don't know if this has anything to do at all with Swift Boat John Ba'al Kerry's visit on Thursday this week. He has this almighty peace plan with the firm financial backing of the Saudi Royal family in his hip pocket. The Ba'al Kerry will try to impose it as his plane slams down here on Thursday. I am not into making connections with catastrophes that precede the Chutzpah, but perhaps HaShem is being pro-active and pre-emptive these days.

    Best wishes for the survivors in Oklahoma City. May they remain strong so that G-d can comfort the survivors.