21 April 2013

The New Dark Ages

11 Iyyar 5773
Day 26 of the Omer

Nothing is as it seems and all the rules that we used to depend on simply no longer exist. We are now in the very depths of the World of Sheker and it is has brought us to a new dark age. Only truth brings light and enlightenment. But no one knows what the truth is any longer.

Our window on the world consists of the mass media which has become the purveyors of the production of one giant propaganda machine. Often, these days, you can hear people say that real life has become like a movie. In reality, I think, the mass media has simply begun producing events just like one would produce a movie and that is the way it is being presented to us.

Gone are the days when one could view various, even opposing, perspectives via principled journalists, editors and reporters who investigated and gathered the facts for themselves. Today, try finding a unique (or opposing) perspective on any breaking story. All you will find is cut and paste copies of the same wire service reports which must be originating in some as-yet-unrecognized central ministry of communications.

Look at the events of last week in Boston, for example.

From the moment the pictures of the "suspects" were released to the media, their guilt was assumed by all. The mass media, acting with a lynch mob mentality, has reported on these events with one unified voice which never once questioned the "official" version.

The entire "case" which is being tried in the media without benefit of counsel or any guarantee of civil rights, rests entirely on hearsay evidence and easily-manipulated video and audio "evidence."

I am not an attorney and this is not the place to try to break these events down into specifics.  I am just a regular person who was fortunate enough to receive a really good Texas public school education while such a thing was still possible  and students were still being taught to be critical thinkers.  It was still believed at that time that this was a trait that was crucial to maintaining America's freedom.

I'm not saying the young men are not guilty, but it's not up to me to decide.  I'm not G-d and I'm not sitting on a jury.  The point is, neither are the hundreds of millions of other people who have already determined guilt in this instance based on media reporting.  But, in every such case, no matter who or what, you have to ask yourself::  Could this person be innocent?  Could there be another explanation for their actions? Might they have been set up?  This is part of the process of arriving at the truth.

Something to think about: Boston just experienced the first instance of martial law being imposed on an American city...and they welcomed it!

Something else to think about: If they were set up, they could just as easily have been Jews as Chechens.